My son constantly kicks me when I feed him.

Angie - posted on 08/27/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 8 months old and a handful. He is SUPER active and can't stay still even to drink his milk. Now when it comes to feeding him his solids, its even more of a mission. I have a Bumbo I would sit him in but as soon as I put him in he wants to grab things on the floor or look around...anything but eat. So i've resorted to having to feed him inclined in a bouncing chair. I know it's not good but he won't eat any other way. I've tried. The big problem with this is that the whole time I'm feeding him, he's kicking me in the chest, and hard. Everyone thinks its funny but it really hurts. I even have bruises. What can I do to make this easier? I'm at my wits end. My back is cleaning from having to bend so low for so long and my chest is actually sore. Please Help!


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Kara - posted on 08/27/2010




I don't know what a Bumbo is, but have you tried a high chair? My daughter gives me a food bath, but I don't get kicked and she doesn't grab anything. I sit in a chair which is in front of her, and put the food I am feeding her on the table next to me so she won't grab it. Otherwise there would be a mess.

Heidi - posted on 08/27/2010




HI there. I would try putting him in an actual High Chair. We have one that also straps onto a chair, as to not take up too much room in our kitchen. he loves it. While I am prepping food, I give him some Cheerios to amuse himself with. Maybe your son wants to try feeding himself .. give it a shot!! The highchair we have is - Fisher Price Space Saver. Check out their site -

reasonably priced at about 65.00. Best of luck

User - posted on 08/27/2010




Have you tried an actual high chair? We have a portable one that goes on a chair so it doesn't take up room in the kitchen, and we can bring it with us when we go to my parent's house. The tray is great because we can put some finger foods on it for him to feed himself, which keeps him busy.

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