Scared to pee on the potty :(

Sharleanne - posted on 05/10/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hey Moms!

I started to introduce the potty to my son 6 days ago and finally last night he pee'd on the potty! But when I showed my excitement he got really upset. Then I picked him up and showed him that peeing on the potty i a good thing and that he was a good boy. Then I dumped it and cleaned it as I was doing this he peed on the floor and then I explained that he needs to pee in the potty. So I sat him on it again and hepeed again! This time the potty made some music which scared him even more. Now today he will not even go in the bathroom, I know he is young but I am so scared that he is going to be afraid to pee on the potty now.

Any adive?


Maigan - posted on 05/11/2011




Awww....that stinks that your son is scared to pee on the potty :( My son wasent too keen to use the potty either but I decided to make a game of it...I would throw fruit loops into the potty, yes fruit loops! lol I told him to aim for a certain color. He thought it was so silly (and lets face it, it was!)lol but he strated to focus more on the 'game of aiming for the different colors' rather then the actual task of peeing on the potty. I made a little chart on the back of the bathroom door that had a row for each color of fruit loop and then gave him a sticker to put on the appropriate color to match whatever fruit loop he aimed for. After 5 stickers he got a small reward, nothing crazy, maybe it was a simple 1dollar toy or even just a special snack. But the point is that it distracted him from the big deed of the whole potty thing itself and made it fun for him, and when he got rewarded it made him feel great and accomplished. I feel that when kids start to use the pottty , they are essentially letting go of a securtiy they have had their entire lives which is their diapers. So using the potty can be a big responsibility to them and can be hard work to rememeber to stop everything they are doing to get to the potty in time. And Im sure there is also the constant fear of not making it in time. So I found that taking all the preasure off it and just turning it into a game worked like a charm. Also ditch the potty chair, try one of those little seat that go on top of the big potty. besides alls you really need for a little boy is a little stool so he can stand at the toilet :) I hope I was at least a little bit helpful. :) and I hope your little prince gets over his fear :)


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Andrea - posted on 05/17/2011




It's the same with my 17mth old! She is so interested in going in the bathroom when i take my other daughter to go potty! Kenadee doesn't like sitting on the potty chair but she will do ok with the potty ring on the toilet. Last wk she told me "poop" so i checked her and she didn't go. I put her on the toilet with the potty ring and she did it, she pooped on the potty! Since then she shows interest but cries whenever i put her on it and she really hates the potty chair! I will just keep trying on ocassion but she really likes to wear panties instead of a diaper! We will be working on it more as it gets warmer! Good luck!!

Sharleanne - posted on 05/15/2011




Haha Maigen, That is awsome. The only problem is were teaching him to sit down and pee right now as he is only a year and a half and might be hard for him to co-ordinate haha that fruit loop game is awsome,, my son would probabl try to eat the darn colors haha but thank you!

Thanks Emma,, I think I will wait a bit, Cause everytime I ask him if he wants to go on the potty he says no and grunts at me lol! So we just took the potty competly out of the bathroom!

Thanks ladies

Emma - posted on 05/14/2011




id leave him for a bit as he is still quite young leave it a month and try him again and may be just get him an average potty that doesnt make music! good luck he will get there, my daughter wasnt fully trained til 2 and half but she learned quite quickly cause she was completly ready by that point and ive got to do it all over again with my twin girls! should be fun!lol! dont panic and dont rush he has plenty of time he will do it when hes ready think the more you push them the harder it will be! :)

Sharleanne - posted on 05/11/2011




Thanks Darlene. Well yesterday I put him on the potty and he didnt like it at all! And then for the rest of the day I didnt force it cause I dont want to do that. I would ask him is he needed to go and he would say no. So this morning I tried again and he was scared again. So I do think taking a couple days would be a good idea.

Yes I have the musical one. But the seat comes off and it snaps onto the toilet seat. So I think I am going to try that too. Cause I know if I never peed on a potty and all of a sudden I did and the darn thing started making noise I would be scared too haha


User - posted on 05/10/2011




The first time my eldest peed on the potty, I got so excited I scared him.
I'd take a break for a few days, but, if you're comfortable with it, let him see you going potty, then try him again. I'm assuming you have the fisher price musical potty? Personally, I never used a potty chair with my kids, just sat them with a potty seat on the regular potty. I had special books in bathroom. And of course, stickers as a reward! :)!

Good luck!

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