Screaming instead of burping

Brittany - posted on 03/31/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My daughter is 3 1/2 months old. When I pull the bottle out of her mouth to burp her she screams and cries. It is almost as if she is pain. I don't know what it could be or what to do. HELP!?!?!?!


Amy - posted on 03/31/2010




Im having the same problem with my son! He had colic which has mostly gonw now,but he will not bend to sit,i have to stand up to wind him,and hold him facing forewards and then attempt to bend him to sit when hes calmed down!! Ronnie doesnt pass much wind tho,and only has a dirty nappy every 2-3 days (which accordiing to my hv is fine) so i think when i bend him he gets stomach ache from the wind and food that sitting in his belly!! But i cant seem to shift the wind,and when he screams in pain hes just taking more in...catch 22!!! People say colic stops at 3months,but ronnie will be 4months on 5th and still suffers with it (not as bad tho),but he just always seems to be suffering with wind and hes really miserable with it to!!!

Mary - posted on 04/17/2010




my son does that too. he will scream bloody murder when i pull the bottle out. and will continue to scream until he burps. then he's fine.
i think he's just mad i stopped feeding him. the little piggy. lol.
so i learned to take the bottle out and immediately replace it with a bink.
then he burps around that. it's kinda gross but it works lol.


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Krystal - posted on 04/23/2010




My son is the same way. He screams bloody murder till i give it back. Sometimes he is so upset he won't burp but I don't force it. After a minute if he hasn't stopped I give it back and try again in a bit.

Tonya - posted on 04/01/2010




my son was doing the same thing so i stopped burping in the middle of the bottle and it was good for a couple days then he got tummy aches so i thought of something else to try when i go to burp him half way threw and then at the end cause he gets mad both times lol and screams, when i take the bottle out i put in his binkie and he is happy and i burp him then laugh cause everytime he burps the binkie flys out lol but it works wonders for me

Brittany - posted on 04/01/2010




Thank you ladies. I have recently stopped trying to burp her in the middle of a bottle and she is doing much better. She is already on rice cereal and does great with it. I'm hoping when I take her for shots this month the doctor will say I can start veggies. Thanks for your advice again.

User - posted on 03/31/2010




My son was doing that when we made him stop to burp. We started letting him drink until he stopped (or the bottle is empty) and he's better now. We think he was actually upset with us for taking the bottle away, though it did look as though he was in pain!

Maggie - posted on 03/31/2010




My son does the same thing until he burps. My hubbys mum ) a midwife) said that she had to start all her kids on solids at 3 months, milk just wasn't enough. So we have since tried giving him a small amount of rice cereal with his milk in the morning and night that that has settled it. But also with his colic he has to be help up right for at least half an hour after feeds unless he falls asleep straight away

Jaime - posted on 03/31/2010




I have found that my baby is starting to want more than the 5 oz feed and once he's finished the bottle and I take it out, he screams for more ... happened with my other son too.

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