Separation anxiety peak or other fears???

Aneta - posted on 09/24/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




We've just returned from a short vacation with my 9 mo daughter. The most frastrating for me was that she didnt have problems getting adapted in the temporary environment but she got TOTALLY scared of home! When we had just arrived home I put her on the floor as usual so that she can crawl and play and in the meantime we would do the unpacking etc - she was freaked out and first time "ran" towards me and hugged me crying like she'd never done before :((( It went the same way since then...I cant leave her for a sec, she crawls after me, or if i leave her sitting in her highchair she starts crying hystericly! Also first time in her life she started fearing water, I have to struggle for giving her a bath. :( I have no idea of whats going on with my baby and how I can help her overcome this fear. Has anyone experienced anything similar? please share your ideas!


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Candice - posted on 09/27/2010




We just arrived home last week from a 2 weeks vacation with family and now my son is as clingy as ever! He crawls after me with a whingy cry and picking him up stops him but I don't want him to be reliant on me picking him up all the time. He is too heavy to do it always anyway! I have heard this is the age that they start doing it. My son doesn't seem to have it when being left with his grandparents or being around strangers just when at home and he wants to be around me all the time. He even puts his arms out for me now when my husband is holding him especially if he gets whingy. If she doesn't want to have a bath can you or someone else hop in with her to help ease her fear? Im lucky my son loves baths and water in general and hope it stays that way. It's a frustrating and testing time but I'm told it will pass. I just have had to learn to take him everywhere with me, even outside I have to put my son in the pram, or baby carrier so he is near me. It's making it harder to do everything now but its ok

Heather - posted on 09/25/2010




9 months is about the time that seperation anxiety really starts... It just happened in my house too... we used to get home after work/daycare and have our time then she would play on the floor or her walker while I did a couple things (dinner, laundry. whatever) and then we would have more time.. now if I put her down she acts like I am killing her... needless to say I now do most of those chorse except cooking with her right with me! on the weekend I am not quite such a sucker :) and she does better cause we are together more

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