shift towards 1 nap/day???

Aneta - posted on 11/24/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




From 7 months my daughter's been on twice-a-day nap schedule. She is now 11 months and its been more and more that I notice shifts in her daily nap schedule, resulting in messing up the whole daily schedule. For instance she would fall asleep in 1 hour after i put her in bed and keep sleeping for more than 2 hours! The "worst" one is the second nap, coz she wakes up at around 5.30 - 6pm thus pushing the night sleep towards 8pm! Whereas her usual night sleep time is 7pm. I've read that babies can start the transition towards 1 nap/day from 13 months, and since she is 11 months I'm a bit hesitant about starting the transition now. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Please share your thoughts about shifting to 1 nap/day schedule.


Tiziana - posted on 11/24/2010




My lo @ 10 months started to refuse his afternoon nap, he would just yell and cry in the crib, no matter how long I would leave him there he would not go to sleep. And then by dinner time he would be soooo cranky. His morning nap was usually around 9:30-10, so I started pushing it back little by little, now he as lunch around 11:30 and then takes a nap for about 2 hours more or less. At first its kind of hard cause they are not used to stay up that long but it gets better. My lo sometimes still gets cranky, especially if he was up earlier than usual or if he had a rough night.


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Brittany - posted on 11/28/2010




LOL! My daughter is CRAZY! She has always hated daytime sleep, no matter how stubborn I was about it. She recently started crying for a half an hour, sleep for a half an hour, then wake up for both of her naps. So I figured it completely ridiculous and just put her on one 1-hour naptime a day. She's rather grouchy sometimes, but still refuses to sleep more than an hour during the day. She gets up at 7:30a, is down by 12p, and goes to bed about 7:30p.

Aneta - posted on 11/28/2010




Hello everybody,
thanks a lot for all your comments! After having watched my daughter's sleep pattern for a week, I decided to follow baby-led transition , and figured out that indeed she needs 1 nap. I thought to go gradually towards 1pm by 30min shift every week, but she just went straight ahead to 1pm and slept till 3pm. Then she was real tired by 6.30pm. By the way I would advise to check this website It has been my guide since my daughter's birth. Good luck to all of you with the transition!

Tamara - posted on 11/27/2010




My boys have been naping once a day since they were 9.5 months old. They get up at 6:30-7 for the day, we have our breakfast, they place, lunch is around 11-11:30 and they go down for their nap at noon. They generally sleep for 3 hrs. Bedtime is at 6:45. With my guys what I noticed was when I put them down for a morning nap, they wouldnt sleep, and if they did, they wouldnt nap in the afternoon. So I would rather crabby babies in the moring, then in the afternoon, so I just keep them busy in the morning.

Maggie - posted on 11/27/2010




My son (also 11 months) tries his best not to have a 2nd nap. He wakes at 6am, has a 1 hour- 4.5 hour nap at 9.30, if i'm lucky some days he has a second nap at at 2pm for about 20 mins. regardless it doesn't seem to affect his night sleep. Some days he will only nap 1 hour a day and will still be asleep by 7-7.30.

Melanie - posted on 11/27/2010




My 11 month old son is on a twice a day nap schedule. When I finally thought we got the whole routine thing down, nope. For a few weeks, he would nap from 10:00 - 11:00, then again from 3:00- 4:00 or 4:30. But now, his afternoon nap is getting later and longer. If I put him down, he'll fall asleep around 4:00 and he'll stay asleep if I let it , until almost 6:00. I tried to push back his morning nap, and phase out the afternoon nap altogether, but then I end up with a tired, cracky baby until bed time. I tried to phase out the morning nap too. It was a no go as well.So, I figure, I have a few weeks of oddly timed naps until he's ready to nap just once a day.

Kristy - posted on 11/25/2010




My boy for the past 2-3 weeks has gone from 2 naps a day one in the morning and one in the arvo to just one in the afternoon. He is doig a lot better on this schedule and he sleep for 2-3 hours in the arvo and then is sleeping all night finally. Don't know if the onenap a day has anything to do with the sleeping all night but he is finally snoozing for 10-11 hours non stop at night. Good Luck.

Petra - posted on 11/25/2010




Since about 9 months my boy has taken either two shorter naps or 1 long nap (up to two hours) and is usually ready for bed between 7 and 8 pm. He used to regularly take 2-3 naps per day and has transitioned to 1-2 just fine.

User - posted on 11/24/2010




You know that saying "never wake a sleeping baby?", I don't listen! :) My son was also a 2 a day napper, but I never let him sleep past 11:00am, no matter what time he fell asleep, to ensure a good afternoon nap. We are slowly getting rid of the AM nap, so I now wake him at 10:30. He's down to sleeping about 45mins in the morning. He goes down in the afternoon at 1:00, but often plays for a bit before sleeping. He'll usually sleep for about 3 hours. I haven't been waking him from afternoon nap because it isn't affecting his 8pm bedtime yet. Once we notice that, I'll start waking him. His just about 3 year old brother needs to be woken up by 4:00 to ensure a proper bedtime.
I'm a firm believer in schedules, which is a running joke with my friends. I don't mind flexing the routine, but my kids do soooo much better with consistancy! Ok, so do I !!! :)! Good luck!

Elfrieda - posted on 11/24/2010




My son (also 11 months) did the same thing yesterday. He usually has a nice (2 hour) nap in the morning, and then I struggle to get him to nap at all in the afternoon. If he does, it's for about 45 mins. If he doesn't, he's SO tired by the time his 7:30 bedtime rolls around. Yesterday, he napped in the morning, and then again from 3:45 til 6:15! Then he was ready to play for a few hours. It messed up the schedule like crazy. He woke up four times in the night. I'm looking forward to see what people suggest.

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