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my son will be 14 mts on february 16th

and hes been crying over everything especially during meal times when we told him that he has finish eating. i need help on how to control this! on side note, we just had our...



I am sure if you have followed my past posts I have always been a little concerned with my son, how much to feed him and how much he weighs. He is now 8 months old and weighs 15...


My 8 month old wont nap!! HELP!!

I have a two year old who didn't nap well until he was 6 months. Then BAM, a switch was flipped & he slept at 10 (until about 11 or so) and then again at 2 (until about 3/4) and...


Go to bottle or straight to cup?

I nurse my 6 month old and would like to try to get her to drink out of something. She doesn't like the bottle or the cup really, but I want her to use one of them. At 6...


Anybody Live in Australia?

Hi all, just wondering if there are any mums out there that live in Australia? I would be interested in meeting some mums around my area. I live in Toowoomba, I have a a boy...

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formula on her tongue

Okay this is strange and I dont remember if my son had this but it looks like her tongue is white from the formula like it is left over and I dont know if this is bad or not, I...


christmas day baby - what to get

what do i get my little boy for his birthday and christmas bearing in mind i have a 2 year old and he gets his toys :L quite stressed what to get as were doing birthday first,...


Post Partum Depression at 6 months?

I've been very depressed lately (about a month or more now), but it started several months after my second son was born. I am very concerned because I was diagnosed with bipolar...


How much to feed him?

My son is exclusivly breastfed. He normally eats 4-6 timesin a 24 hr period for aprox. 20 min. I just gave him 1 T rice cereal but after multiple attempts he was not interested....



my little one is almost 7mnths, weve been trying solids for almost a mnth, but he's really not interested. he clamps his mouth shut if i try to spoon feed. i try and just give...


7 month old waking up too early!!

My 7 month old used to sleep from like 7:30pm until almost 7am every suddenly in the past couple weeks he is getting up at 5am!!!!!! Nothing has really changed in...