Babies Due In August 2011

All Mummies Due in August 2011 :D


How's everyone's pregnancies going?

I am now 33 weeks,and just been told by my doctor she is sending me for a 4th ultrasound as the baby is measuring large for her dates,she is also already head down and getting...


Hey Ladies

So we are all in our final weeks of pregnancy,hows everyone been feeling? Anybody have there baby yet? I am 38 weeks tomorow and havnt been feeling the greatest been getting flu...


Finding a baby boy name . . .

My sister in law just had a baby a few days ago so our baby boys will be 6 weeks apart. We picked out a name for our son in March on the day we found out we were having a boy...



Hey does anyone know if braxton hicks contrations are normal this early on in pregnancy ,ive been getting cramps and hardening in my abdomin on and off all day.


updates :)

so how is every 1s pregnancies going? any worries? anything good any one feeling kicks yet?? im nmow 18 weeks n 3 days been feeling kicks since 15 weeks so im happy :)



got me scan date to find out what im havin u girls know when ur scan is??mines on 22nd march :) do u have any feelings as to what ur having?? think mines a girl this time due to...



Hello and welcome to you mums who have found out ur expecting in august :) all welcome nice friendly conversations for all mums to get advise help and support that EVERY mother...