Babies due November 2009

Anyone due to have a bay in November this year? x


squirming in sleep

Does anyone else have a baby that squirms at night? My daughter get swaddled and put in her crib and an hour later is completely unswaddled and has squirmed around in her...


bed time

Hi Everyone - I was just wondering what time everyone puts their babies to bed at night and do they sleep through til morning?



i had my lil girl on the 5 ov november 2009



Does anyone else's baby look like they are chewing? Does this mean they are ready for cereal or are they teething? Not quite sure what to think of this. It is so cute but my...


Weight Gain

I am very concerned with how much weight I have gained in the last month. I have gained six pounds. This is my third pregnancy and I don't remember ever gaining more than 3...