2 problems with my 4 month old son

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Hi, my son is 4 months old and is in his own room and cot because he out grew his mosses basket the problem i have at the moment is, he is very good and goes down on his own awake and goes to sleep himself but we think he is teething and he now keeps crying during the night, i go in put his dummy in and his off again but this can happen 4-6 times a night i dont know why his started.

my second question is he has also started to wean on to solids, but for some strange reason his lunch time meal which is a few spoons of solid and a bottle and also his tea which is the same he seems to not be able to take the food and screams he wants to eat it but its like he cant. he does suffer with problems pooing, and for some strange reason for the past week his poos have all been green so i have started weaning from scratch again could this be also signs of teething.?

any help will be appreciated.


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still around 3-4 months babies will start to NOT sleep through the night again. give it another month or two and he should go back to sleeping through the night. i also had the same problem. my son was able to sleep a good 6-7 hours then around 3 months he began waking up every 3 hours again. it wasn't until about 5 1/2 months that he really began to sleep through the night (12 hours).

i started my son on solids at 5 months and he ate 2 ounces once a day (lunch) for about 2 weeks. then i started dinner (another 2 ozs). he's now 9 months and still eats only twice a day (lunch 4 ozs and dinner 4 ozs). with each feeding i give him a 7 oz bottle (breastmilk). i give the bottle first and then the solids. i wouldn't worry too much about trying to get him to eat a lot of solids. when he's ready, you'll know.

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It is really common for babies to sleep pretty well but once they hit 4 months they suddenly start waking more etc. Our son went from waking once to waking two-three times a night and it went on for about three months - very tiring but it is actually a developmental stage they go through at that age.

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The same thing happened with my daughter. She only ever got up once a night when we brought her home from the hospital and then at four months she started getting up 4-5 times a night. She just turned a year old and is sleeping better but still does it 3 to 4 times a week. The doctors said it happens with teething but it could be anything. She seems to sleep better at night when she really gets a good nap during the day. If she doesn't get a good nap she gets up a million times. As far as teething...it is responsible for everything; fever, constipation, diarrhea, and it even gave my daughter a yeast infection. It really stinks but there isn't really much you can do about it. I don't know if that helps, but I do know what you are going through! :)

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The green poo can definitely be a sign of teething - it's all the extra saliva going through their system.

As for the weaning, he probably doesn't need 3 meals a day at this point. Maybe just stick to the morning solids for a while then re-introduce the others one at a time. Going onto solids is a big transition for a baby's tummy. You'll have more success if you take it slowly.

And teething may well be the reason he's become unsettled at night. My daughter is

4 1/2 mths and WAS self-soothing too until a couple of weeks ago when she started pretty full-on teething. She's also been very sick with bronchiolitis (and spent 2 days in hospital) which has also upset our routine, so I've had to revert to wrapping/swaddling her. It's not ideal, as she can roll (though hasn't for the last week or so that she's been so sick) but it's the only way she'll get a restful sleep atm. Give it a try - can't hurt! A nurse in the children's ward explained that when a baby feels unwell they often completely lose the skill of self-settling. She said she's had to wrap sick 3 year olds to calm them enough so they get some sleep!!


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Kim - posted on 06/26/2009




thank you for all you answers it does make me feel a lot better to know his not the only one going through all this, and i did think it would be down to teething thank you once again for taking the time. xx

Melissa - posted on 06/20/2009




can i ask u where u are from and what kinda tea?...i have never herd of such a thing

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