4 months old sleeping on stomach

Tracy - posted on 01/07/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Every time I put my 4 month old down to sleep, when I go and check on her she is sleeping on her stomach! I hate this!! I'm afraid she will suffocate! I always flip her on her back but it wakes her up then she starts crying til she falls back to sleep. I don't want to wake her up anymore should I? I need advise. thanks


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Ez - posted on 01/07/2010




Once your baby is rolling over there's really not a lot you can do to keep her on her back. Just make sure there is nothing in the cot that could get caught around her face/head (toys, extra blankets etc), keep the room well-ventilated and ensure her mattress is firm. Most babies prefer to sleep on their bellies once they can roll.

Chelsea - posted on 01/07/2010




if it is any help my lil girl did the same thing in the end i gave up and let her slep on her tummy i think if they are strong enough to roll and hold there head up and shift around the cot they will be fine .. we did the flippin her back over aswell she never stayed we just check on her a few times b4 we got to bed and if one of us are up for a drink in the middle of the night

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