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My daughter is eight months old and she does not want to drink her bottles anymore before her meals. she drinks water out of a sippy cup right now with her meals but right now i can only get her to drink about 8 ounces of milk a day and about 2 ounces a day of water. how can i make her drink more? should i offer her formula with her meals instead of water?

also, when can i switch her from formula to homo milk? i just recently stopped breastfeeding and formula is really expensive!!

thanks for all your help!


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Robyn - posted on 09/09/2009




Hi. Have you tried food first and then milk? My daughter (now almost 10 months) was also becoming very fussy with milk and would have water from the sippy cup about the same age. My routine now seems to be working a lot better....

Breakfast - cereal then milk

morning tea - food and water

lunch - food and water

afternoon tea - milk (by this time of day she is looking for a drink of milk)!

dinner - food then milk before bed.

It's all trial and error, but I hope this helps. Also, books recommend no cow's milk until 12months as a whole drink. Can use a small amount in cooking etc.

Inga - posted on 09/09/2009




you can put her onto normal milk at a year old but what i did with my son cause he had a bad reaction to the formula i slowly weaned him onto normal milk at your daughters age. by taking a quater of the water out and replacing it with milk but still put the amount of formula in that needs to be in the water. for example if you take out one scoop of formula only take the recomended amount of water out to. it took me 6 mths to get him onto normal milk. and about the not drinking enough try giving her iceblocks if its a nice day that way shes still getting liquids into her and she wont know the difference. its only because the milk fills them up rather quickly

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