8month old refusing to eat her solids?

Emma - posted on 10/18/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




my 8months old has started to refuse her solids over the last few days. she will only have a mouthful or two and the just sit there shaking her head or by dinner time she cries that she dosent want it. Yesterday i managed to get her to eat some yogurt n mango which was good. Im just wondering if this could be because of anything? she is not anymore gumpy than normal, she has been a little more clingy tho.

Should i be feeding her more milk feeds during the day? she is on the bottle and atm has 4feeds a day- she hasent been asking for more. Im just a little worried she might not be getting enough to eat :(

any help/suggestions would go along way cheers


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Jamie - posted on 10/18/2009




I wouldn't worry. She'll eat what she wants. The more you push it and make it a not-enjoyable experience, the more she will push it away. Just relax and it will happen when it's time :). I would keep offering it, but if she doesn't want it, don't worry about it. You could try offering a sippy cup of milk (whatever formula or breastmilk she already has) if you feel she needs more.

Hanna - posted on 10/18/2009




Hi Emma, it could be that your baby is teething, if that is the case then her entire body is "screwed up" now and it can manifest itself in any area -- she can be constipated, she can eat for two, or not eat at all, she can sleep 16 hours a day or not sleep at all, she can be cranky and fussy or unusually quiet. there's really no telling.

i would wait a little bit to see if soemthing's wrong, if it's teeth, it usually goes back to normal within 3-4 days. in the meantime, if she is getting 4 feedings a day and she's not hungry, then no need to force-feed her. when she'll get hungry, believe me, she'll let you know! i've never heard of a child who didn't eat when they're hungry or didn't ask for food when they're hungry. how much milk/formula is she getting a day? is she getting 18-20 oz? if she is, then no need to give more unless your daughter is hungry. and how big is your daughter? i know she's 8 months old, but how big is she?

i would wait this out another 2 days or so and if it doesn't change or u see weight loss, then definitely call pediatrician, but my guess is, it'll go back to normal. good luck!

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