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Jada - posted on 09/27/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My daughter is a week old. She was diagnosed with acid reflux the day after she was born. The doctor said that babies usually grow out of it before a year old. We have decided to go with cereal in her formula to avoid having to give her medicine. Has anyone else had a baby with acid reflux, and if so about when did you notice it going away?


Melissa - posted on 09/27/2010




agree with Mandy . Our LO had reflux i discovered it not long after he was born but no one agreed untill his 1mth doc. visit....before u go with cereal make sure it is...
i was bfing but my LO hated it so at around 2.5 mths we went to formula...he also was a bit colic so we used enfamil nutramagin (fyi..our doc gave us tons for free) we also ended up using meds, it deff. helped...he wasnt arching his back or vomiting anymore but he would still act like he was in pain...i believe that was due to colic.
After 3.5 mths we went to reg. formula and stopped the meds...and sure enough he grew out of it....I believe he still has reflux episodes but not often....Good luck it goes by so fast

Mandy - posted on 09/27/2010




First off, how did they diagose her after she was a day old ?? That just seems really young for me. And for the cereal thing that is waaayyy to young to start with, you're going to hurt her little tummy :( Are you BF'ing or formula ?? If it's formula you should maybe try another kind, I do a daycare and a mom had a baby and that's what the doctor kept telling her, her baby had and she tried diff. formula and he's doing 100% better. Good Luck ( I would def. not start the cereal thing yet tho.)


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Dawn - posted on 09/30/2010




Ditto on what everyone else has said. The meds and Nutramigen worked wonders for our baby girl.

Lashay - posted on 09/28/2010




My baby was also diagnosed with acid reflux disease!!! she was diagnosed when she was about a month...they gave her medicine that was safe for her to take...she still has it and she is 9 months but you can tell its going away i guess because she doesnt throw up as much and cereal did also help for her also!!! i had stopped giving her the medicine...dont know how but it made her throw up less!!! also if your using formula try similac R.S for spit up the liquid kind it helps also!!!

Sarh - posted on 09/28/2010




My son is 15 weeks old, he as well has had reflux since he was born. The pediatrician refused to listen to me explain what was going on so instead of making my son suffer till the doctor would finally listen I was spoon feeding him rice cereal, which he did fine with. I refuse to put cereal in a bottle and I honestly don't like when people do so. It is a choking hazard. My son took to the spoon feeding pretty good. He is still eating cereal and I have to flavor it with baby food other wise he wont eat it, also I'm nursing so there is no bottle to put it in. He is 3 1/2 months old and his is so bad that he is on the Zantac (switched pediatricians) and eating the cereal/food (just once a day though and not much) and is still spitting up, however he isn't arching his back or anything else that he was before. I know a couple people whos baby had reflux and they said it went away by 6 months.

Catherine - posted on 09/28/2010




My son has acid reflux also, but it was not diagnosed until he was about 3 weeks old. He refused to use a bottle, so cereal was not an option for us and we had to use the meds. I do think that Mandy's suggestion of trying a new formula is a good idea, though. When I was reading about reflux for my son, I came across some stuff that said that formula intolerances are often misdiagnosed as reflux. It's certainly worth looking into.

As for it going away, my sons got better at 4 months when we started giving him cereal on a spoon and switched his medicine to Prevacid from Zantac, even better at 6 months when he started sitting up more, and much better around 10 months when he started walking and was upright for most of the day. However, he's almost 1 now, so I tried taking him off his meds for a week to see if he needed them anymore, and it was a disaster. I've heard 18 months-2 years in terms of outgrowing it, but I think it really depends on the baby.

Good luck!

Melissa - posted on 09/27/2010




oh also our doc said if it is reflux..the onl wa to truel diagnose it is with a special test..because ours had all the smptoms he said it was best to give him meds than not to becaus reflux without meds could cause more issues down the line as our son got older

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