acid reflux and treatment?

Sara - posted on 12/05/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




My 3 month old daughter has to go see a GI specialist about her reflux... what are some treatment option and how did you cope with it?


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Johanna - posted on 12/13/2009




My son has had reflux since about a month after he was born. At first it was just the vomiting, which I tried to control by lots of burping and keeping him elevated after feedings and while he sleeps. After he was hospitalized for something totally unrelated a few weeks ago, it progressed to the screaming and back arching and he was so unhappy. The pedi said I could give him Maalox and that seems to be helping a lot. It's a bit of a pain to carry around w/ me every time we go somewhere, along w/ the medicine syringe but I didn't want to put him on medicine so it's the next best thing.

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my daughter was put on zantac at the age of 5 weeks after 5 weeks of hell:( she screamed during and for hours after each feeding. She never spit-up though, which led my doctor to believe that it was colic. After giving up BF because she wouldn't latch right because of the screaming we tried different formula's. i finally put my foot down and made him proscribe the med. It was a miracle, after 2 days on the med she was a normal happy baby that only cryed... not screaming bloody murder day and night... she was getting dosed .6 3 times a day. at 6 months i tool away the middle dose, and weened 1 dose a week after that. she is now a happy almost 9 month old with no gerd problems :) good luck and i know its hard to put your baby on a drug this young. but if it helps them not be in pain and it gives you your sanity back, i think its worth it :)

Renae - posted on 12/13/2009




My baby had severe reflux and abdominal pain (so bad it caused a feeding disorder). He is on Omeprazole. They only started giving it to babies in Australia 4 years ago so I don't know if it is used in other countries. I know for many babies with bad reflux it is the only thing that helps. Also try using thickener (either added to formula or given prior to breastfeeding). Unfortunately there is not much you can do but cope as best you can, do whatever you have to to survive and they do grow out of it.

Sarah - posted on 12/09/2009




I have an 11 week old with acid reflux too, when we saw her ped he put her on omeprazole, we give it to her twice a day by dropper. It doesn't stop the vomiting, but it does stop the discomfort bubby feels and lets her throat and mouth heal (it gets burnt from the acid). We also feed her while not lying flat, and put her to sleep at an incline. My doctor told us things would improve once she started solids (at 4-6 months) and that most babies grow out of it eventually

Angela - posted on 12/08/2009




My 3 month old daughter has reflux. We're using Prevacid. It's worked wonders for me and although she still spits up a little bit, the projectile vomiting and the constant evening discomfort has just about ended. Don't be discouraged and remember your little one is very resilient so this is just her 1st hurdle she's got to overcome in life. Good luck & be blessed!

Denver - posted on 12/08/2009




My nephew had acid reflux and my sister put rice in his formula. It resolved the problem, but as a result he gained a lot of weight. As he began crawling and walking, he finally shed the weight, but in the mean time he was an extremely fat baby! Earlier in my son's life he was throwing up some and I thought he might have acid reflux, but it turned out that we were feeding him too much at the time and his stomach wasn't big enough. Ask your daughter's pediatrician what the right amount of formula is for her age & weight. Good luck and congrats!

Mariah - posted on 12/07/2009




I found a product called Colic Calm. Search the name and you will find it. Its an all natural product that helps with acid reflux, colic, constipation, etc. I used it and loved it. My ped thought is was great too.

Stephanie - posted on 12/07/2009




We got really lucky and our son only had a mild case that was helped by using a crib mattress wedge to raise the head of his mattress, as well as thickening his milk and starting him on cereal at 3months of age. We didn't want to have to put him on meds, so our doctor had us try those solutions first and they seemed to work. I'm really sorry that your baby needs meds... must be very tough to deal with! Maybe chat with your doctor about non-medical solutions before using meds. However, whatever keeps baby happy, healthy and thriving is a great solution! Good luck!

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We were on prevacid. She did great on that. I also hold her or leave her inclined in her boppy or bouncer for at least 20 minutes after nursing before I lay her down. We put a small blanket under her crib mattress so that it's elevated slightly which helps keep the milk from coming back up.

Renee - posted on 12/06/2009




my son was on several medications the one that finally worked was pepcid. we tried just about every formula. the screaming and no sleep have finally started to go slowly away. he still throws up a little but not projectile like it was. he would only sleep if i held him and now he will sleep for about two hours at a time in his car seat. hope you have a good support system. good luck!

Yozanne - posted on 12/05/2009




My little boy was proscribed Gaviscon it did work, however made him so constapated and in turn that was more uncomfortable for him. We then tried the formula SMA STAYDOWN and it has been a miracle and he is off all medication now.

Candice - posted on 12/05/2009




it depends on the severity. there is a ton of info on the web. my daughter only needed's pretty much the first med they try ...but there are many others if it doesn't work. i feel for you. until we got a strong enough dose, my daughter never slept unless i held her, and she screamed most of the day and choked in her sleep and projectile vomited. it was hell.

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