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My son is 3 months old almost 4. He sleeps great, but only when he has something to cuddle up to. If he doesn't he will cry and cry. I fight with him a lot about this because I am afraid that if I give him something to cuddle up to he will suffocate himself because he has to snuggle his face into it. WHAT DO I DO?? I am at wits end.


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Will he wake if you take the toy away? My son used to like sleeping with his blanket over his head so i would stand outside his door and once he went to sleep i would move it, he is 15 months now and sleeps fine, without his head covered!

Iysha - posted on 01/08/2010




Do you swaddle your baby? If you don't you might want to try it and lay him on his back with the side of his body against the crib bumper. To help him fall asleep, try placing your hand on his cheek, his forehead, over one side of his face...whatever seems to help. You can also do this while he has a pacifier in his mouth and/or while patting his little bottem. Stay there until he falls asleep.

I did this with my daughter after everyone in my family decided to hold her until she fell asleep. She only needs to be swaddled and given a pacifier to fall asleep now. I just started eliminating one thing, then another after a while. Next I'm going to work on taking away the pacifier.

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