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Im wanting to become an RN and I was wondering if it would be better to do an associates program and get a job and get my bsn through the hospital I worked for or would it be smarter to just go for my bsn. I was originally going to go for my bsn and just do it all at once but now that I have a baby Im just wanting to get out there and start working and I know that most of the hospitals will pay for you to continue your education But Im also afraid it will be harder to find a job with only an associates. Any advice?


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Hi. -- I am NOT an RN, but a CNA, and actually worked OB/Gyn. (not sure if this is what you are interested in) but at least here where I am in Illinois, the demand is high for RN's. Yes, obviously a BSN will stand out more, but realistically not going to get you all that much more money to start, and there is MORE schooling. - If I were you, depending on your state and how old you baby is, I would do the RN program and make sure you spend time with your baby! Let your employer pay for your continuing education! -- The healthcare field is ALWAYS looking for people, nonetheless nurses, so I think you would be able to find a job very easily. Good Luck in whatever you decide! (I am going back soon, I was going to last year and SURPRISE! I was pg again and it's a rule in the RN programs here??!!)

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