Any suggestions for stuffy noses?

Amber - posted on 12/04/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 4 month old seems to always be stuffy. The dr suggested a humidifier, which does nothing for him. She also suggested saline drops and the bulb. Those don't work either. It seems like it's back too far for the bulb to reach. He wakes up around 3 or 4 b/c he can't breathe. Not a fun way to start the day for any of us! We've also tried sleeping in different rooms, door open, door closed... nothing seems to work.


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Nazrin - posted on 12/07/2009




I know this may go against things that drs and midwives might have told you but try sleeping her on a pillow. My daughter has had problems breathing through her nose especially when she is sick. I bought her a triangle pillow and haven't had a problem since. The triangle pillows are best because they wrap around the baby and don't let them slide underneath the pillow. If you aren't comfortable with that - then raise the head end of her cot. The tilt will help ease her breathing.

Annemarie - posted on 12/04/2009




This advice really works so pls try it:rub a little bit of plain vaseline onto the bridge of your baby`s nose between the eyes.For some reason it opens their noses.I use it on my son who is 4 weeks old everyday.You can try Salec or Sterimar nosespray.

Stacy - posted on 12/04/2009




Do you have a cool air or warm air humidifier? My doctor alsways suggested the cool air but because we had a warm air we always used it... it works great for my daughter. Also, they make Vicks baby rub and that works for my daughter... but check with your doctor/ on the box to see the age requirement. Also, they make vicks to add to the humidifier and sometimes we add it but we NEVER add as much as the bottle says... it makes it way to strong, so we just add a drop or two.

Hopes this helps :)

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