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At what age can one feed babies yogurt?

Ingrid - posted on 05/20/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 7months old, already on solids. I would like to know when can I start feeding him, baby yo


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Amy - posted on 05/20/2011




greek yogurt or plain yogurt should be fine at this age. I would certainly read labels for the sugar content though. don't want a crazy and cranky baby due to all the added sugars [and there are surprisingly TONS in some yogurts]. My kids loved it.

Sharon - posted on 05/20/2011




I'm in Australia and we have 'baby yoghurt' that is ok from 6mths, and 'toddler yoghurt' from 12mths. We started our guy on them around 9-10mths. He's 18mths and still has the toddler one over regular yoghurt as it has alomst triple the calcium, added vit D, and less sugar.

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You can introduce yogurt to most babies as early as 6 months, says Frank Greer, a pediatrician and former chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) Committee on Nutrition. But if your baby has been diagnosed with a milk allergy or intolerance or shows signs of an allergy of any kind – such as eczema – hold off until you’ve checked with your baby's doctor.

If your baby has a strong family history of food allergies or asthma, Greer says it's probably safe to introduce yogurt at 6 months as well, but advises checking with your doctor first.

Have you considered giving your baby plain yogurt instead of "baby yogurts"? Many yogurts marketed towards babies have added sugar. You can add fresh fruit to plain yogurt.

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