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My daughter is almost five weeks old. As you know, there are many late night feedings with a newborn. Sometimes I turn the tv on in the dark room to keep me awake while feeding. I also have the tv on during the day. Is this bad???? I'm pretty sure having it on during the day is no biggy but I'm more worried about having it on in a dark room because of the flashing. Should I stop all together or is turning a dim light on to keep the flashes from being so bright enough?


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Sarah - posted on 07/27/2009




I did exactly the same thing!! I did go through a phase of just breastfeeding him in his room (no TV) but found it really hard to stay awake myself. Thomas is now 8 months old, not breastfeeding anymore and sleeping through the night (apart from the odd occasion when his teeth are on the move). He loves watching the TV during the day. I keep it on the kiddies channel while he's up. I think maybe having a dim light on as well will make the flashing not so bright (that's what i did anyway) and obviously baby is facing away fro the TV as she's facing you so really, i can't think that it is doing any harm! Really enjoy the breastfeeding - i miss it so much now i'm not doing it (my body stopped producing so i had to give up and it still upsets me now). Really enjoy the closeness it brings because it doesn't last forever. I have photos and even a little video that i look back on to remind me of the 'good old days' lol xx

Mel - posted on 07/27/2009




i used to be worried about that! but nah as long as they dont wake up during the night feeds while you have tv on its ok but as mine got older i wanted to be so careful not to wake her and her feeds took one5 mins too, but i just sat on the couch feeding struggling to stay awake then put her back to bed. dont miss those days. now shes 15 months and i leave tv on all day. she watches it while she has feeds and stand up in front of it and licks the screen. plus she learns alot from it, copies the words etc

Danielle - posted on 07/26/2009




i do the same thing, i keep the tv on all night with the sound down so there is just enough light for me to see with out a bright light waking everyone up, when Niven doesn't want to go back to sleep she watches the flashing lights on the tv and it keeps her quiet and still until she is ready to go back to sleep and she doesn't need me to keep her occupied which would wake her right up.

i also have to tv going all day (to lazy to turn it on and off lol) and niven doesn't mind the background noise, in fact i think it is handy when she is sleeping so she is used to noise and doesn't need everything quiet to sleep. but i don't sit her in front of the tv to amuse her during the day thats our play time.

so really i wouldn't worry, as long as it seems to be working for you then relax and enjoy

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