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Lucy - posted on 07/29/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My little girl is nearly 4 months old and ever since she was born has gone to bed and sleep around 10pm. This just seems like when she is tired, we have a bedtime routine whereby she has a bath at 7pm, she then usually falls asleep but only for around 10minutes. After she wakes she then cluster feeds (breastfed) until she falls to sleep around 10pm. She then sleeps until around 5:30am before wakin for a feed.

Any ideas how we can get her feeling sleep earlier? She doesn't tend to nap after around 3pm apart from the little cat nap after bath! Is there a way we can help or is it something that will change as she gets older?


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Maybe you should wait to bathe her until she is completely exhausted, then she will know that bathtime is right before bedtime. All you have to do is stretch her days out so that she will be tired around the time that you are getting tired. In other words let her get to the pound where she can't stand not getting a nap (tire her out) earlier during the day. Then hopefully she will get so tired she will nap a little earlier during the day so that she will go to bed earlier during the night. My daughter is down to two naps and I won't let her catnap, I will tickle her and keep her awake so that her routine isn't confused and she always go to sleep at the same time. Plus, as she gets older she will sleep a lot longer during feedings, sounds like she's sleeping really good if she sleeps from ten until five-thirty. That's very good for a four month old!!! My daughter didn't do that until I waited until she was starving and completely exhausted before she was fed and then laid down. A few day of this and doing this continuousily and not giving in worked for her. Yet, I think that she is too young to cry herself to sleep so maybe it will get better, yet 7 1/2 hours of sleep straight is good for her age! Good luck!


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Best advice I can offer is to start putting her down earlier..give her a bath and full feed within the hour she is going down for the night. She will cry the first few nights but will adjust. We instituted a bedtime at 3 months with my son of 9pm bc I was so inconsistent. He cried the first week, sometimes up to a hour, but now his bedtime has adjust to 8:30 bc that is when he is getting tired now and he sleeps until between 7:30 and 8am, straight through. Just keep it consistent and be patient. She will learn very quickly that its bed time and she will adjust.

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i started my babys routine at birth i knew what time i wanted her to sleep which was 8 so i started her bed time routine at 7 which was feeding and then a bath and then diaper, lotion, and jammies. She has been on the schedule since birth and she has been sleeping all night since 6 weeks..and has been sleeping about 12 hours since she was about 3 months from 8 to 7 30. i know its kinda of late to tell u should have started younger but its easier if u get it sooner than later..

you can just keep her in bed after her bath since she falls asleep anyways...just don't go get her as soon as you hear her she might just fall back to sleep after a few minutes

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I think every baby is just different this way but with my little guy this is what I do:

Around 7 we have our last bit of playtime (if he doesn't then he won't sleep!) then I give him a little bit to eat. I then close the blinds so it's dark and either give him a bath (only if he really needs it) or I wash his hands, face and gums with a washcloth. Then he gets his diaper changed and gets changed into his PJ's. We then go say goodnight to everyone and then we go back upstairs for 2 books (he doesn't understand them yet but he sure loves chewing on them and looking at pictures! Haha). By that time he's pretty tired so we nurse and he goes to sleep (usually by 8-8:30 depending on the night). Usually he'll stay asleep until 1 or 2 for a snack. If he wakes up before his usual time I rock or nurse him back to sleep and he almost always stays asleep for several more hours. He wakes up for the day around 6:30 and has three naps for about 30-60 minutes around 10, 1 and 4.

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Am not sure if this will help, but my first born liked the following routine:

Feed-Play-Sleep. This was in a 3-4 hour cycle... Baby wakes up and feeds, then plays, then goes to sleep ( roughly 50-90mins ). If such young baby not sleeping between 3 and 10 pm... that is 7 hours.. babies should not be awake for such a long time.... Maybe a regular sleeping and eating pattern is established it will then help with getting her off to bed earlier

By the way, is she sleeping alot during the morning/day?

Nicole - posted on 07/29/2009




My son did that. His bed time until recently was 11pm. We could never get him to go to bed earlier than that. Then one night around 8 months he decided he was tired and started going to bed about 8. We would take him for a walk a night after dinner to tire him out because the baths just didn't do it for him. At 4 months I would think she would take at least 2-3 more naps in the afternoon. Although all babies are different, just try taking her for a walk and playing (especially jumping) that usually does the trick.

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