Baby boy just circusized.

Kristy - posted on 10/23/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my two day old boy was circumzied and now our he isnt eating much i can see he wants to but he just wont breastfeed. Is this normal? Any tips?


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Ashley - posted on 10/23/2009




its very normal for the babies to be extra sleepy or not very hungry after being circumcised, thats what the nurse told me in the hospital after my son was, just keep it real clean around his little area, change him often and i used a ton of vasoline on his little wee wee lol good luck, things will get better!

Shirley - posted on 10/23/2009




yeah, it's normal. he probably hurts. you can give him infant tylenol and that might help ease the pain. try loosening his diapers and not putting pants on him for a couple days. just really loose clothing that doesn't put any pressure on him. both my boys appetites seemed to decrease after their circumcisions. if after a couple days he doesn't start eating better i would take him to see a doctor.

Liz - posted on 10/23/2009




your milk maybe coming in and making it a bit hard. I know with my son he struggled allot when my milk came in. with him being just circumsized make sure it is always clean and change him more than normal. if he fusses at all a small amount of panadol will help. ( check with chemist first though)

Kylie - posted on 10/23/2009




poor little guy, maybe hes in pain...just be patient.. perhaps try and breastfeed him in the bath or lay down together so you can really relax. drink plenty of water and rest when he is sleeping to keep up your strength. Congratulations on your new edition:)

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