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Laura - posted on 06/09/2009




My son was 2 months when he was started on cereal, and my daughter was 4 months when she started. It all depends on baby.

Rhea - posted on 06/08/2009




my baby is 4 and half months but was ready for food at three and half so we started with a spoon of cow and gate porridge in a morning and then uped it as he needed it. he now has dinner as well and loves it.

Mel - posted on 06/07/2009




i dont know what that it but i do beleive you baby will show signs when ready to eat. the hospital told us they look at food if they are interested. my little one started at 3 months but i gave her pureed fruits and vegies. the rice cereal is usually not a good idea. i know mine had rusks with spreads and the pureed food at 3 months but its really up to you

Kathleen - posted on 06/07/2009




the age is different for every child. However, most books say 4m for formula fed, and 6m for breastfed babies. Ashley is right if they are making those signs, sitting up, grabbing your food it's probably a good sign that it's time for solids.

Mine was 3.5m but he tried to grab my food off my plate. We started him on rice, then moved on. Ashely is also right pediatricians do not advise putting the cereal in bottles anymore. It is a choking hazard.

Ashley - posted on 06/07/2009




most people say feedthem nothing untill 6 months...i stared my daughter at 5 months as she showed all the signs of being ready...sitting up, interesrt in food, etc. If you start it earlly make sure it is really runny. Also they say you shouldnt put it in a bottle, it shouldj always be fed by spoon.

I think if you feel your baby is ready you should try, provided they are close to 6 months

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