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Emily - posted on 11/17/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




me and the father of my daughter are not together.

we haven't been since i was 3 months pregnant.

i have a protective oder on him so he cant have contact with me

he has to go threw my dad to see her

he sees her 3 times a week and only stays for about a hour

now he wants me to let him take her to his house

he only has fed her 3 times, never changed her diaper and hardly knows how to hold her.

he lives with his grandmother i know she knows what to do but im worried if she goes to his house he will try to take her places

all of his friends are big trouble makers wit records, all do drugs or try to see them, he talks alot of shit to ppl and everyone trys to fight him.

im worried about my daughters safety if she goes with him

what should i do?


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Jane - posted on 11/18/2009




If it were me, I wouldn't let him do it! The fact that you have a protective order against him, would indicate that he is not a good guy!! I'm not saying that he's not a good father, as I don't know him or your circs, but you obviously are very concerned for your daughter and her safety should always come first. Like Andrea said, it's something to be discussed further, especially by someone who knows the system and has the legal standing to know what he can and can't do !! Good luck hun x x

Andrea - posted on 11/17/2009




I think i would be talking to a lawyer before letting that happen.. I mean if you can't trust him with yourself then i see how you may not be able to trust him with your daughter.. I just think that for yours and your daughters safety i would seek a lawyer just to talk and see what they might recomend.. Hope this might help.. Best Wishes..

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