Baby doesn't want to be picked up

Iysha - posted on 09/17/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have heard a whole lot of parents complain about their child wanting to be held all the time...but I'm experiencing a completely opposite situation. My baby (2 1/2 months) has not been wanting to be held for the past week. She just wants to sit in her bouncy chair or to lay on her pack and play and look at her toys (mobile). She wimpers then screams when she gets picked up, even by me. I think it's wierd.....Anyone else experience this behavior?


Ashley - posted on 09/17/2009




does she have a fever? has she been sleeping and eating the same as before? when you move her does she scream like she's in pain?? my son is also 2 1/2 months and he would rather be down then held but he doesnt scream when we pick him up. if we pick him up he'll just get a little fussy and when we put him down he's content. we also live in an apartment it's really hot up here and he's a bigger baby so he gets too hot when pick him up. it may just be her but if you are concerned def take her in and have her checked out. if you feel there is something wrong trust your instincts!


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Melanie - posted on 09/17/2009




I am worried by this, please make a appointment with a doctor / nurse and get them to check if all is ok. She is very little to not want to be held. This may be a sign of something else happening with her. It must be upsetting to not be able to hold her. It may be a stage but to me shes to little to wait and see get someone to help you out.

Melissa - posted on 09/17/2009




Is she having any other symptoms? Does it sound like she may be in pain or just annoyed? Does she do ok when you're moving her while changing her diaper?

Carolanne - posted on 09/17/2009




I have the exact opposite problem.... but my baby wouldn't wanna be held unless she was upright. I HAD to hold her head on my shoulder or she would get mad. I don't know if you hold her like that or not but if not that might help. Otherwise .... sounds like she's just content, there were times when I wished mine would just let me put her down for a minute. But I don't think it's anything unusual.

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