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I want to thank all those moms who have responded to my question about my son Isaac waking at nite. I wonder.... when we put him down, he wakes a few mins. later several times before he starts his every 2 hour waking....I have had lots of advice on the crying it out method...does anyone do this? And how has it worked for you? I Am so soft-hearted...but I am wondering if rushing to his side is not helping him at all as we are soothing him to sleep. Also, when he naps in the day, he sleeps like a dream.... so I am buying a nitelite. But I want to know the opinion of others on letting them cry it out. He is happy in our arms to sleep, but not in his crib, so I have to assume he is not in pain...


Renae - posted on 12/27/2009




I cant remember if I responded to your last question, so sorry if I'm repeating myself, I post a lot on sleep problems. You are totally right when you say you are not helping him by rushing to his side, you may be going to him when he doesn't actually need you; therefore only over-stimulating him and making it more difficult for him to self settle.

25% of babies who have their parents with them when they go to sleep suddenly stop being able to go to sleep and start waking at night between 5 and 12 mo. Usually the only solution is to teach the baby to go to sleep on their own. Once a baby can go to sleep on their own, they automatically stop waking and sleep for longer. Noone knows exactly why, thats just how it works.

To teach him to go to sleep and sleep through the night you have several options. No-cry methods and crying methods. Crying methods are most effective, have higher success rates and work quickly. No cry methods are gentle and require some time and patience.

If you use a crying method I recommend you use crying it out with cry interpretation. I am not an advocate of control crying or any method where you go in and check on them as each time you go into them, you must leave again, and when you leave they go through the initial distress of being left all over again and it makes the baby more and more distressed. If you use a crying method and leave him to figure out he is supposed to go to sleep and do some research on cry interpretation and listen to his cries so that you know if he needs you, you can cry it out without distressing your baby. This method is very effective and is usually not nearly as bad as mum's expected. 99% of babies will go to sleep without crying at all and sleep through the night within 3-6 days, but you have to do it properly and consistently or you run the risk of distressing your baby and possibly making things worse.

The most common no-cry option is gradual withdrawal. This is where you gradually withdraw the baby from needing your help to go to sleep. This has an 80% success rate and takes 2-4 weeks. However, if your baby does infact become over-stimulated by your presence, this method can make him worse. We might want to chat some more before you try this because it takes a LOT of effort and patience which would be wasted if it didn't work.

Another no-cry method is that of UK baby whisperer Tracey Hogg, called Pick-up/Put-down. She has a website with a support forum for people using the method. This might be worth a try. It takes 4-7 nights. It requires some massive perseverence and patience especially the first few days, but there is no crying involved.

There is lots of info out there if you google any of the above methods. You are also more than welcome to contact me for info or instructions on anything I have said (if I include it all this post will be too long).


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Hey hon, i used CC too. They learn really quickly. The main thing that he needs to do is to go to sleep awake. There is a great site called Have a look there xx

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We use the 'cry it out' method. It works GREAT for us. I always hold and cuddle him right before he goes to bed as a part of our nightly ritual. I lay him in bed when hes still awake but tired. I turn on his night light, his mobile, give him a kiss and leave the room. Most nights he goes to sleep pretty well. Other nights he starts to cry when he catches himself falling asleep. (he HATES to go to sleep). I let him cry for 5-10 minutes, then I go in his room, lay him back down and leave the room again. I also dont say anything when I go in. Some nights it takes a little longer than others but most of the time he's out within 30 minutes. He has come a LONG way from screaming unless we were holding him. Its still hard for me not to run in his room as soon as he starts crying but no he can settle himself. I hope that helps. Good luck!

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