Baby proofing?

Samantha - posted on 09/01/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son will be crawling soon and i dont really know how to baby proof. I know about a baby gate, outlet covers, and cabnit locks, but what else is nessary?


Victoria - posted on 09/04/2009




Door stops as the first thing my son when for was the doors! Then he learnt to open drawers so the cabinets locks are a good idea. Make sure cleaning products are locked away or well out of reach. Make sure there are no cords he can react e.g for TV, fans, phones as they can grab these and pull things down on themselves or chew on the electric wires. Move all ornaments up a level as as soon as my son learnt to crawl within a couple of days he learn't to stand. Corner covers for tables and furniture. Avoid glass tv cabinets or coffee tables. If you have a friend with a baby that crawls invite them over and see everything they go for that will give you an idea of what to move and protect. My son was one of the 1st to crawl so when my friends invited us over they could see what needed doing in thier houses. Make sure TV is out of reach so they cannot pull it over on themselves. Hope this helps.


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Supervision is really the key. Like Candice said when they are that young you don't really let them out of your sight anyway. Outlet covers, removing all chemicals from reach and bolting any selves to the wall are good basic measures but more than that I think it's a watch and learn kind of thing. I can't tell you how many items we have moved around in our house since our son started crawling. I just watched him and when he got interested in something that was unsafe I would move it if I could or just keep telling him no and taking him away. The truth is you could remove all furniture from the house and cover everything in bubble wrap and they will still bump their heads or grab something they shouldn't.

Stacy - posted on 09/01/2009




If you have a coffee table or end tables with corners you need corner shields, fire place needs protective peice around the "step" infront of the fire place, dresser needs to be secured to the wall if it is top heavy, stove might need nob covers... I cant think of anything else sorry :)

Laura - posted on 09/01/2009




I would suggest putting away any cords, my little guy likes playing with my laptop power cord, and watch for sharp corners and choking hazards, like pet food.

Candice - posted on 09/01/2009




i don't know, i didn't do much else. supervision, keeping chimicals out of reach, a lovk on the oven (you can buy them in the baby proofing section) checking what's inside any drawers they can reach so they don't get hurt. also, if you have any tall shelves that might be pulled forward and tip over by a baby pulling themselves up to standing, you should bolt the top of the shelf to the wall. and if you have any furniture with sharp corners, you might want to cover those too. try crawling around your house and look at the room from their perspective. and consider not just the crawler, but the instinct to pull themselves up to standing and to investigate EVERYTHING.

truth is...i did way less baby proofing than i thought i would. my daughter learned fast to stay away from things that i said no to, and i don't have many exposed plugs, and at that age, you don't let them get too far out of sight anyway. do what you need to prevent SERIOUS INJURY (plugs, sharp things, chemicals) and keep a good eye on them and you should be fine. and start teaching what NO means early, especially for dangerous things.

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