Baby/Talc powder hazard.

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I was recently told by a friend that baby powder is unsafe for babies - especially girls. Apparently there has been a (possible) link discovered between baby and talc powder and ovarian cancer.,,3q5k,00.html

I knew that inhaling the powder was a risk, but this is a worry.

P.S. I'm not trying to be a scaremonger or anything, I just wanted to bring it to your attention.


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Carina - posted on 07/08/2009




My friend who's a nurse says that baby 'powder' made by pure cornstarch is okay to use, just make sure is says pure cornstarch on the bottle.

Alessandra - posted on 07/08/2009




yes, i heard talc is very bad for infants. you could always try organic/natural products if you need talc, my son never needed it. otherwise there is a neways talc powder with no bad ingredients

Nancy - posted on 07/08/2009




I use corn starch on my baby's bottom. It's thick so no dust and since we eat's safe. The only time I've ever used baby powder is on her cute smelly feet in winter.

Lynlee - posted on 07/08/2009




Yes I have also heard this and I have never used talcum powder on myself or our son - most of them are made from powdered lead! A baby doesnt need powder - it's just a sales gimmick to make you think you need a sweet smelling baby. Just make sure their bum is dry at nappy changes.

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