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hi everyone!

i just wanted to inform all of you about something i experienced this week with my daughter so that i might be able to help someone and thier baby if this ever happens to them...

My daughter developed a HIGH fever this week and we took her to the emergency room where they said it was nothing serious and most probably was only "Fifth's Disease" and to only give her tylenol fever reducers. He did blood work and said everything looked fine and that it was viral in nature so he couldnt give antibiotics..We listened. The next day she was worse, her fever was running 104.4 F and this happened quite fast(within 2 hours)we knew something just wasnt right about what that Doc had told us, so, we got a second Doc's opinion and found out that she in fact had a Urinary Tract Infection which the doctor had diagnosed from the same set of blood tests the other Doc had used! She said to bring her in immedialtey because if left untreated for a few days it could possibly cross into her blood stream and cause bacterial menningitis or sepsis. At this point it had been 2 days and a half since her fever started, so naturally, i was in a panic.She has now been treated with antibiotics and in recovering, but, im am still not recovered from the shock of what COULD have happened...

MOMS, trust your own instincts, and if your child ever gets a fever of 101 or higher for more than a few hours go to the Doc or emergency and ask for a Blood test to rule out bacteria....This could save your childs life and save critical time if in fact they have bacteria in thier system!


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Ashley - posted on 08/06/2009




i def know what thats like. when my son was 2 wks old i knew there was something wrong with him. i kept telling everyone there was something wrong but everyone kept telling me he was colic. we took him in he had a fever of 39.9 degrees celcius, he was close to having seizures because it was so high. he had bacterial meningitis in his brain. he spent 2 months in the hospital and even when he came home he still had some of the infection left in his brain. we were told if we had waited til the next day to bring him in he would not have survived. they had thought he had a UTI but ruled that out once he didnt grow a bacteria. so it def is true to trust your instincts, everyone thought i was a crazy first time mom who was over protective and there was nothing wrong with him. if i hadnt listened to myself i wouldnt have him!

Sarah - posted on 08/06/2009




Hi Casey,

I think it's great that you came on to tell everyone. Thank you. I'm glad your beautiful daughter is recovering and hope your heart calms down soon. All the best xx

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