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Angela - posted on 05/10/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




i have a 8yr old who still wets his bed, i have a mattress protector for him to use but he takes it off quite often after he wets the bed and wakes up wet. i have tried a number of things but they have failed.
HELP!! have throw away two mattress already
any suggestions will be gratefully.


Cecilia - posted on 05/22/2013




ok well you posted in the forum about babies. The best way of getting answers better suited for this would to post it in the main community called circle of moms or perhaps moms of school aged kids.

With that said, what have you tried thus far. Does he know why he is wetting the bed? is he having nightmares? Have you taken him to the doctor to see if there is an overall health problem?

Those mattress covers can be a bit loud and I wouldn't want one on my bed either. They do have waterproof pads which are made out of fabric and he may prefer those.

As far as saving the beds here is a trick and it actually does work- when the bed is still wet, soak up what you can in a towel, get salt and drench the bed in it. When it dries vacuum it. It actually does kill the smell and will even make sure it doesn't stain. I know it doesn't fix the overall problem but will save you some money.

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