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My 3 month old daughter does a great job sleeping at night (9 - 10 hours) but is there any suggestions to help me move up her bedtime as she doesn't go to sleep until between 11pm and midnight.


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Try starting a schedule. My son goes to bed a or by 9pm nightly and sleeps until bw 10/11 hours at night. We dont let him sleep more than 20 minutes after 6pm and he has the exact same routine bw 8-9 every night....playtime from 8-8:30, book, 8oz btl, rock 5 mins...bed. Just pick a day and start...she will start getting up earlier, but its nice to have time with daddy alone before bed too.


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well, she is still pretty young and babies tend to dictate their own schedules but if you want to try to shape that now then definately start waking her up in the morning around 7-8, and give her a bath about 30 minutes before you want her to go to sleep. (probably around 7-8pm) She will still be getting the same amount of sleep, just allocated in different time slots. (you wil lbe stealing that time at night and using it in the morning-which is great because then you have time for baby in the morning and for yourself at night!) Hope this helps.

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I don't personally see the problem with it.. my daughter (5 months) has been sleeping from 10:30pm to 8:30am since she was about 2 1/2 months old.. I think its a great routine. She has 3 naps during the day, the 1st at 10:30, 2nd at 2 and 3rd at 6, we get to have tea while she sleeps then when she wakes up we have play time then bath at 9-9:30 and cuddles until bed time. We stay up pretty late though.. we don't go to bed until about 12 most night and on weekends we may stay up until 2am.. We still get a lot of times to ourselves which is great..

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Try giving her a bath at night like around 6 or 7pm then feeding her and let her relax for a good half hour, have her watch a baby einstein dvd or read her a book and do this consistantly for about 3-4 days in a row it will catch on, if you make it a routine she will know what to expect next and won't remember that she went to bed at 11pm or midnight. :)

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My little girl is exactly the same, she's 11weeks and goes to sleep abour 10pm then wakes at 4am and then sleeps until 8am but then she naps all morning until lunchtime! We've tried everything, she doesn't nap after 3pm (her choice) but she just isn't tired until 9.30-10pm!

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personally i'm just jealous that your baby sleeps 9 to 10 hours at night! i didn't get a full night's sleep till she was almost a year old...and they are still very rare!

Amy - posted on 06/27/2009




we tried to keep our daughter up a little later after her dinner by playing and using that time for her bath. that way she goes to bed earlier for the night instead of napping after her dinner then getting up again.

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What about upping her playtime during the day? I know at three months, they can't really do much....but just keeping her attention for longer periods of time might help. Give her a warm bath and put her to bed the way she likes it best....for my daughter, she doesn't go to bed early either so I've just been giving her a little bit of a bigger dinner and that seems to make her sleepy earlier than usual for her.

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