bottlefeeding and no weight gain! HELP

Sarah - posted on 12/01/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




pediatrician is monitoring her now.... my daughter is 3 wks old and is now back under her birth weight. she was 8.7 and now is 8.6 and a week ago was 8.8 she eats only 2 oz at a time and wont drink more. she eats between 10 and 16 oz a day and i dont feel like she is getting anything out of it. i just dont know if it is me or is she just not a real big eater.... is she too young to put a little cereal in her bottle just to add some calories? i just dont know what to do! :S


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Michelle - posted on 12/01/2009




Sarah stop worrying! she has hardly lost anything at all! Id be concerned if she was 7lb 7 oz but not 8lb 6. dont put cereal in her bottle shes way too young. try offering her an extra oz of milk inbetween feeding...formula stays in the belly and is harder to digest...your little girl may be finding it hard to digest the milk.

Does she sleep well at night? how often does she wake? could you try waking her if she sleeps for more than 4 hrs at a time and give her a feed?

A baby of 3 weeks, and 8lb 6 should ideally be drinking around 21 oz a day, but this is not the case for every baby of this weight and age...all are different. If your girl seems happy, not fussy and contented just offer her an ounce extra here and there.

Please i know its hard..ive been through it my whole childs life (shes 21 months now). but try not to think to much about her weight gain and more about her overall appearence and wellbeing. babies can lose up to 10% of thier initial birth weight within the first few weeks of life. my nephew is 16 days old and is breastfed..he weighed 8lb 2 at birth and now weighs 7,12...still not even 5% apparently.

my daughter was 5lb 11oz when born...according to the professionals she lost 8oz in 24 hrs...when in hospital ( i was breastfeeding) but when i got home...within 24hrs shed put back on all of it...hmmmmm (i think they were lying to me) shes always been 'underweight' according to the red book...but after being referred to the consultant at hospital..she was diagnosed with 'constitutional thinness' like my mum had when she was a baby. Shes also lactose and cows milk protein intolerant so on soya milk...which doesnt help her bones..nor for 'fattness'. Shes skinny but otherwise very healthy.

Please try not to stress Sarah.

Anreh - posted on 12/01/2009




Hi Sarah! My daughter lost weight as well after she was born until about 6 weeks...almost a whole pound, so we were very concerned. Our doctor told us it was normal, and to just keep feeding her every 2 hours. After about 8 weeks, she started eating more...and more and more! She's now 11 months old, a very healthy eater and starting to walk!

Your baby girl might need some time to get used to feeding from a bottle. Definitely check in with your Doctor regularly if you think she is just not eating enough. I'd probably not give her cereal as the other moms suggested as she's too young to digest it yet. Congrats on the new little one and best wishes!

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She is definintely too young to put cereal in her bottle. Her digestive system just isn't ready for anything but formula or breastmilk yet. And cereal won't add weight. Because she has to work harder to process the cereal it will just fill up her stomach but actual make her burn more calories.than the formula. How often are you feeding her? Maybe you could try pushing the feedings closer together. Good luck!

Mitzi - posted on 12/01/2009




Hi there, My daughter is also 3 weeks old. She eats about 2 oz or 3 oz at every feeding which is about 2-3 hours apart. My Doc told me that it normal for babies to lose weight as long as it's not dramatic. It seems like your daughter has just lost an ounce or so. I'm no expert but I don't think you should worry just yet. Does she look satisfied after the feeding? if so, she is probably content with that amount. I wouldn't put cereal just yet, I would think her little body isn't used to digesting cereal. But like I said I'm no pro. I hope this helps.

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