breastfeeding mom going back to work how many oz does your baby eat???

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I have a 3 week old baby an dI am going back to work in 3 weeks. I am a little nervous because I am not quite sure how much milk to put in her bottles. If I put to much in I am worried about her overeating and getting a tummy ache. Any suggestions?

-right now she eats evey 2 hours or so for about 15 min total....

Thanks so much!!!!!



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When I went back to work at 6 weeks, 4oz bottles every 2 -2 1/2 hrs was just fine. At one point during a growth spurt he went up to 6oz, but that was a bit later. Until the point where he stopped getting bottles of expressed milk at ~10 months, he always took between 4-6oz. If you're concerned, you can pack an extra bottle with 1-2oz, in case she finishes her bottle and is still hungry.

Katie - posted on 10/28/2009




I'm also an "exclusive pumper" and my daughter used to eat 3 oz per sitting until she was around 3-4 months, then it increased to about 4-5. She is now 9 months old, and still drinks about 5-7 oz at a time. However, in a whole day (24 hours) she never drank more than 28-30 oz - and that was a lot. Usually she drinks about 24oz a day... Hope this helps.

Melissa - posted on 10/21/2009




rest assured! a baby cannot overeat. They know when they have had enough and will quit eating when they are full.

Brooke - posted on 10/21/2009




I fed my baby breastmilk, but through pumping, because we had latch issues. My daughter would eat every three hours and at three weeks she was eating about 3 ounces. She stayed at 3 ounces until she was like 6 weeks and she went to 4. She is now 11 weeks and she is only at 4.5 ounces every three! She is gaining weight very well, but she can not handle to eat very much at one time, or she will spit it up! Every baby is different, but your baby will know how much she needs. A week beofre you go back to work, I'd start out with 3 or 3.5 oz bottle and she how she does!

Jenna - posted on 10/19/2009




I have a six week old boy and I pump for him a lot. I've also wondered how much is the right amount so have been doing the best I can. 4 oz seems to be what satisfies him currently, and he eats about every 2 hours, sometimes 3. Sometimes he will not finish the entire 4 oz. but often does. I may start seeing if he will accept more in the near future, but for now he seems quite content with this amount and is gaining weight really well. I would suggest starting with small amounts - like 2 ounces - and seeing how she does. Then if she doesn't finish, you know how much she'll eat, but if she does finish and seems unsatisfied you could try adding an additional ounce at a time. A friend of mine has a baby girl of six weeks and she eats 2 to 3 ounces when fed the breastmilk by bottle. Each baby is so different...must be why there are no good guidelines out there. But I wouldn't be too worried about giving her too much.

Amanda - posted on 10/19/2009




well i know i didn't breast feed myself but i tryed my cousin did and she would pump her milk in the bottles and u cannot overfeed a baby it depends on how much she want every two hours i would say up to 10 oz if not a bit more until baby is content mayb this is why she is eating every two hours instead of 3-4 hours mayb try giving her a bit more every bottle and i would say in a 12 hours shift she would eat about 4-5 times so ....if u gived her more in her bottle mayb she would eat more but also not every two hours... but like i said u can't over feed a baby it depends when the baby is content even if u gave her 8 oz she might want more

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