Brushing my 15 month daughters teeth

Rachel - posted on 01/08/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi i have been brushing my daughters teeth since her first one came in at 3 months. I was using a finger brush with some fluoride free infant toothpaste and always kept them pretty clean til about 3 months ago. Now that she is older she doesnt let me brush them. I feel bad to hold her down and do it. So we recently got her her own Hello Kitty toothbrush at the store and i let her brush them when i brush mine in the morning and at night. The only problem is i can tell she isnt doing a very good job since she is so young. I try to tell her to let me get what she missed and she isnt having it. I just noticed last night that she is cutting both of her canine teeth right now. So that will make her total of teeth 15! I really don't want her to have to deal with cavities. Help! What should i do?


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Lise - posted on 01/08/2010




I would try slowly working up to brushing her whole mouth and be very aware of how you brush. (One of the things I do for a living is teach kids to brush their teeth, so I'm around it a lot ;).) Just brush one tooth one night, then 2, etc. You may have accidently hurt her when teeth were coming in. You can hold her down but from my experience, it usually ends up making toothbrushing an aversive act. What about getting one of the brushes that plays music but you only turn on the music when you brush? Or letting her watch a favorite movie/show while you brush?

Ramona - posted on 01/08/2010




The dentist told me is was ok 2 hold them down, your not gonna hurt her but it is for her own good.My oldest is 5 and I have 2 hold him down sometimes when he gets in a hurry!!! They will thank you later!!!!

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