buying clothes for the so called

Amber - posted on 02/11/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I know it may be an odd question but im sure there are ladies out there with one , i do and i don't like it at all! i hate buying clothes all the ones that are in my closet i can not wear...So question is is the best way to buy for the Muffin top? I have just been wearing hubby tshirts most of the time b/c I stay at home with my son and there isnt really a reason to be all pretty lol, so im ready to start dressing normal again,,,lol.... I have to go clothes shopping now that we have some extra money:) Tips advice??


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Lacey - posted on 02/11/2010




i am having difficulty too i am less than my pre pregnancy weight but my body has changed so much its difficult to find anything that fits

Andrea - posted on 02/11/2010




Honestly, I still wear the maternity shirt with the ribbing on the sides? They look like regular shirt, but hide the "muffin top" beautifully - also, anything babydoll style is flattering and helps to hide.

Amber - posted on 02/11/2010




Oh i know my hips will prob never be the pre preg size LOL my birth mother's hips are big and has stayed wide since me and my sister! LOL Great .... I am just tired of wearing t shirts all the time

Erin - posted on 02/11/2010




Are you buying for maternity or because you're not down to pre-pregnancy weight yet? It you're waiting to get back down to pre-preg weight, then buy just a few things. Like, a couple pairs of jeans, a couple of shirts, etc. Not too much, because you will continue to lose weight. Do keep in mind though that your hips may never go back to the way they were before pregnancy. My mom couldn't wear any of her pre-preg pants after she had me. I was able to after my first boy, but after my second, I feel like my hips are staying wider than before.

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