can my 3 month old eat pureed bananas


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Babies digestive tracts are not fully developed until 6 months of age so they are not ready to handle anything but formula or breast milk until that age. There are many conflicting views about this and many pediatrician will tell you it's okay to start cereal at 4 months but there is lots of evidence that starting solids earlier causes an increased chance of food allergies and obesity. Just think about babies before we had jar baby food, they didn't eat solids until they were old enough to chew whatever their parents were eating so it's probably best to wait.

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I agree with everyone above.. plus if u give baby to much bananas my ped said it would conistpate baby..

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Yeah, I agree, but I just thought I would put what my doctor said. My daughter is 5 months and growing great on just breastmilk. I don't plan on starting anything until she's 6 months or older.

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My daughter was able to start cereal at 4 months and she started table foods at 5 months. This was recommended by her doctor as she was a small child and they thought this might help.

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At my daughter's 4 month check up my doctor told us they they recommend starting cereal between 4-6 months and then waiting until 6 months to start anything other than that (veggies and fruits). I would talk to your child's pediatrician about it.


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Iysha - posted on 10/02/2009




Giving a child that is the age of your baby anything other than breastmilk or formula is not recommended by pediatricians. When your child is the perferred age, you can. I'd start with veggies first though... that way your baby wont think that everything that goes into his/her mouth is going to be sweet. I'd also give him/her the same food for a few days so if your child developes and alergic reaction to something, you would know what it is that he/she is allergic to.=]

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Your child at 3 months old is very young to start solids, their little tummies arent mature enough for has to start them but if you feel it is time your baby would start showing signs of being ready for solid foods like holding their own head up being, able to sit up, etc. and you should also consult your doctor before you decide to give your 3 month old anything

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