cheese please?!? and yogurt? what kinds are safe for my almost 8 month old?

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also well were on the topic of food is cherries ok? and what about grapefruit? also im like terrified of chocking hazzards so is cheese really a good idea? how small of pieces? and mild,light,cheddar,marble,swiss? what is baby friendly? and yogurt whole?plain?with fruit? not with fruit? my brain is full!!! pls help!!! thanks so much !!!! oh wait ummm.. other then chicken and turkey what other meat are ok? and are yolks in boiled eggs a good idea? thanks all for ur input!!!


Angie - posted on 06/14/2010




Cherries I've actually never tried but we don't eat a lot of cherries anyway. I'd say maybe a year just because of the shape unless you are cutting them up in like 1/4 pieces. Some research says to wait until a year for citrus but we let our girls have citrus earlier than that. Cheese is a great early food. We just did slices of it (like cutting it straight off the block) and let our kids bite their own small pieces. We did whatever kind we happened to have, often cheddar or colby jack. And they both loved cottage cheese from pretty early. We did whole plain yogurt and mixed in our own fruit.

Egg yolks are great first foods. We did easy to chew meat when they showed interest.

We did baby led weaning and really after 6 months let our kids have whatever we were having that they wanted to try. Most of the new research shows that if there are no histories of family allergies then there isn't much reason to hold off on anything. We also didn't do the super tiny little chunks but let our kids have bigger pieces of things so they could take their own size bites. Babies are smart and they have a super sensitive gag reflex. Neither of mine ever even gagged on food let alone choked on it. When they are used to eating off a spoon then they are kind of in the habit to sucking food off the spoon and into the back of their throats which can lead to gagging when they start more solid foods but if they never eat off a spoon they never have that instinct. Also we didn't worry about how many teeth they had. Those little gums are incredibly strong.


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Tiffany - posted on 06/14/2010




thanks so much for the advice first time mom as you can guess lol so full question.. i guess you can say overly freaked out about food im always scared to feed him new things cause im always like is this really ok to have and he wont die will he? if you knew me you know im one of those moms that over think everything and panick about even the slightiest thing lol i just wanna do whats right and im sure all of you do as well i have never in my life felt this un stoppable love for my lil guy and just thinking about makes me want to hug right now lol my world is turned upside i never use to be like this but now im a whole new women. anyways thanks everyone for ur advice peace and love ppl!!!

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Ok calm down over 6 months babies can pretty much have most stuff (google unsuitable foods for under 1 - but no to whole nuts (peanuts etc choke risk), no to kiwi (under 9 months), no to cows milk (but you can use it to cook with) - I think these are the worst offenders. At 8 months your baby needs meat (lean lamb and beef and pork - I just use my hand blender to make the meat easier for my son to eat also my son has ham and chicken slices on sandwiches) and poultry and fish for iron (to help develop the brain). Cherries are fine (remove the stone first) either as a finger food or mashed/ pureed, not sure n grapefuit it may be a little tart for your baby. Cheese is fab we give our son mature as that is what we eat and he loves it. Yogurt is fine also - with fruit when your baby is able to take lumps but without before. Egg yolks are fine as long as they are cooked (hard boiled omelette, scrambled). My son is 8 months and eats what we eat (not the curry or chilli yet but I will be introducing very mild versions in the next couple of weeks). We started by pureeing fruit and veg (but he hated puree too runny) so we mashed pretty much staright away now my son eats lumps (sandwiches etc). Start introducing finger foods to your baby (as long as you are with them they should be fine). Babies gums are really hard they DON'T need teeth to eat lumps. Anabel Karmel is a legend her books tell you exactly what babies can and can't have and give you great ideas for what to cook for them. If your really unsure ask your health care provider to run through things or give you some info on weaning.

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wow! 1st of all, if you're afraid of choking hazards, i would advise you to take an infant first aid/cpr class so that you know how to handle those types of situations. cherries should be alright, although i would wait until 1 year to start feeding a baby any fresh fruit. cheese is a fantastic thing to feed a little one. cut them into small squares (1/8 inch). really any kind of cheese is fine AS LONG AS IT IS PASTEURIZED. Some soft cheeses aren't so read the package. Swiss is usually bitter, so yours might not like it. My son LOVES brei, so all babies like something different. Yogurt is an excellent thing to feed your little one as well. I get those go-gurts which are clean and easy to feed my son. No chunks in the yogurt until yours is fulled toothed. Any flavor as long as it is smooth is good. It can be whole cause the baby needs fat at this age. Fat helps the brain grow. I would stick with chicken and turkey... sometimes pork if it's cooked well. Red meat is too tough right now unless it is melt in your mouth tender and just TINY bits of it. I don't have a family history of any allergies at all so i give mine scrambled eggs. I find boiled egg yolks to be too dry and they stick in the throat, choking hazard. meats aren't completely necessary at this age. beans and other protein rich foods (peanut butter, eggs...) are good. Don't give globs of peanut butter though. Good luck!!!!

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