colic trouble...

Jennifer - posted on 01/08/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




i think my daughter has there anything i can give her...i've done all the other stuff as far as holding her and singing to her when she cries, but i need something!


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aww i feel 4 u!!

i gav my daughter all the medicnes goin 4 colic but they didnt work, so i had 2 buy dr browns bottle, quite expensive but so worth it!! theyve got a tube in the bottle not sure how they work but they really do!! and also when my daughter used 2 sleep on me i would just keep rubbing her back 2 get it all out people thought i was mad patting her back all the time but it worked :)

Donna - posted on 01/08/2010




I had that problem too for the first 6 months. Nothing I did helped, she would pull her legs up into her tummy and just scream! I'm sorry I can't remember the name exactly, but they were homeopathic granules which you can buy from a chemist/pharmacist. Just one little spoon of these on her tongue, and the transformation was amazing! these helped almost instantly, I would highly recommend this as a remedy. Unfortunately there isn't a 'cure' for colic and they're not sure what causes it either, it's a build up of tiny air bubbles in their tummies. it's something that will pass, as I said it was about 6 months with my girl. Do you use a dummy? Colicky babies tend to need the sucking action too, and works as a great comforter. I also got anti-colic teats for her bottles if you use them, they reduced the amount of air she was taking in whilst feeding. I hope this helps, and I promise it will get better x

Sinead - posted on 01/08/2010




i had that problem. i would give her mylcon and it would help alot. i know how it is, its very stressful!


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