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Ive recently just started my 8 week old son on formula about 2 weeks ago, since then he has had alot of trouble pooing....he strains for so long all day and it interupts his sleep and makes my heart hurt seeing him trying so hard and looking at me like to do something, i have tried massage, prune juice, coloxil, and evan changed his formula. Does anyone have any other ideas??


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are you doing the massage right-no offence meant-i am a huge fan of infant massage-vimala mcclures book is every time in our house-also try giving small drinks of water in between feeds

Haze - posted on 01/04/2010




hi have you just tried cooled water in a bottle.. my daughter was badly constipated when i changed her milk and i found that giving her sum water a while after her milk feed she was back to pooing again, helped me out alot .

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During my antenatal classes the midwife suggested pear juice or brown sugar (not raw) diluted in water. Good luck to you and your little man, Simone. My little guy arrives in 2 weeks so I'm sure you will be helping me out soon!

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I used sugar free pear juice mixed with water, cleared my boy out the next day

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My daughter was constipated till just recently (6 mos), and Im pretty sure it only stopped because shes teething. The only thing that worked for her was pear juice and prune baby food (which obviously hes too young for). Some babies just have that issue, in fact its quite common, and it isnt something to worry too much about or panic over. Theres only so much you can do. At 8 weeks, I think its a little too early to be trying so hard to fix it. Hes still getting used to digesting, and it might be just temporary. If its temporary, giving him juice etc might do more harm than good. I would suggest trying to wait it out a while longer before you try something else. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. My daughter barely ever pooped, and when she did, it was extremely painful, huge, dry, and hard as a rock! :( Poor babies! There really isnt much you can do when they are so young though. There are suppositories you can give them that can make it easier to go, but Ive never tried it. If it gets really bad, call your doc or a nurse at the clinic and ask them what they reccomend. At that age, all they told me was to try pear juice or 2 ounces of plain water, but just call the nurses line or your doc before you do that. Do NOT use karo syrup like some people might suggest, its bad for their digestion, and its not reccomended to water their formula down (even just a little). If hes struggling to get it out, and it just isnt moving, try stimulating his anus with your finger or the tip of a thermometer. If its really really big, and is stuck half way out you might have to take that thermometer and break it into peices (very carefully!) to get it out, so when he struggles badly or starts screaming in pain, take off his diaper to make sure you dont have to do that. I had to do it a few times, or it would have caused her to tear! Its supposed to help get it moving if you move their legs in a bicycle motion too, if you havent already tried that. Constipation is often caused by them not moving around enough, so it might help if you give him more tummy time too. What kind of formula are you using now? It can take a couple of weeks for the new formula to help too. There is one cause of constipation that you might want to look into if it doesnt improve, other than the classic constipation (which is much more likely), is sensitivity to milk protein which is treated with a soy based formula. I did alot of research on this subject because it was driving me crazy for so long, so sorry this is so long, I just feel like I have a valuable opinion on this subject. Good luck! :)

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My daughter had colic reflux and she was constipated alot. They had her on Neosure for awhile but then switched to Good Start and she still was constipated. I gave her prune juice, apple prune juice, I tried the Karo syrup and so on. I finally asked the pedi what else to do after all had failed he told me to get the Miralax and she did well with that. After she started to go her colic kinda faded away or so it seemed. I am not sure I would ask the pedi and see they may be able to help. You may find something that works for your son like juice etc I know for my daughter nothing worked and last result was the miralax. Good luck hope he feels better soon..

Bryttnai - posted on 01/03/2010




karo syrup, they have baby enemas they word wonders

and sometimes i give my daughter pedialyte to hydrate her poop....

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