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Jillyan - posted on 03/21/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




so my almost 5 week old boy is not letting me sleep at night! hes colicky (we tried gripe now we're trying ovol) he is breastfed and i eat a lactose\meat free diet. he cries lots and only seems to stop if i breastfeed him (or just generally stick the boob in his mouth sometimes he doesnt even suck, and he wotn take a pacifier)
he also mainly sleeps during the day and rarely sleeps at night (partly from the colic?)
so i'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to get him to reverse his days and nights back? and more suggestions on the colic?


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My 7week old still has colic but i have it under control now, i use Brauer Colic Relief it helps him alot so i recommend it! Im also on the lactose free diet and breastfeeding, my son never used to take a dummy but even if you just hold one in his mouth he will suck on it and hold it in his mouth eventually, my son goes to sleep with one in his mouth now, at around 5weeks i had the same problem i just slept with him on my tummy but my back is now ruined as he got heavy at 6weeks he went back to sleeping on his own but he sleeps on his tummy now.. its hard and the crying can be stressful but mines 7weeks now and all the hard works paid off so far :P good luck

Holly - posted on 03/24/2009




This is going to sound really weird- but it worked for me. Hold him upside down. A stranger in a drs office told me to do that, cause my son had the same problem, the day i did it he splet almost all night. I held him by his feet with his body against me for about 60seconds.

Jennifer - posted on 03/24/2009




do you go to a doctor or a baby doctor. My family doctor has told me many of times nothing is wrong and there has been something wrong. If the baby doctor (Pediatrics) tell you nothing is wrong then i cant help. but try that if you havent already. best of luck. 

Jillyan - posted on 03/22/2009




i do the laying on my side feedings at night with him. he was sleeping in his crib for a while even with the colic but in the past two days he's gone from crying from colic at night only to screaming hysterically for no reason that i can think of pretty much all the time. i change his diaper, feed him, make sure he's comfortable yet he absolutely SCREAMS. and he has a normal temperature. the only time he doesnt scream is when he is being fed, when he is sleeping or when he is in the stroller or the car, otherwise he screams all the time unless i am holding him. and he wont settle in a sling or a snuggli, he just cries worse...and its a cry like ive never heard before its crazy like i'm pissed off at you cry. so now i'm constantly carrying him and have brought him into my bed with me at night he sleeps on my chest and i have tried transfering him back to his bed when he is asleep and he wakes up immediately and screams his head off...i dont know what to do now! it just keeps getting worse! we went to the doc and they said he was fine..i'm going nuts though!

Peta-Maree - posted on 03/22/2009




I feel for you. I know what its like when 1 minute seems like 1 hour and the crying doesn't stop. Here is a quick tip - it wont help with the colic but it will help with your mental health: try breastfeeding lying down on your side. This will relax baby and stop them crying and it gives you a much needed rest. It works on my 7 week old without fail. Best of luck and take care of yourself. And don’t beat yourself up. You are doing a great job!

Victoria - posted on 03/22/2009




i took my daughter to the chiro at 5-6 wks old also. and for the sleeping more in the day and not at night, i dealt with a fussy baby for about two days, i would keep her up during the day, only letting her take little rest period here and there for less tahn a hr each time. then when i was ready for bed i would feed her and just let her sleep after that, i wouldn't get up till she woke up to eat or to change her diaper. after about two days of this, she was sleepin 4-6 hr at night b4 waking to eat, and would be wake a lot more during the day. i know in ways it sounds kind of mean but it has been something that worked for me and a couple of friends.

best of luck to you tho

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awe, that's too bad, you must be exhausted.My son was colicie, it was aweful.i tried everything, he thing that helped was someone suggested taking him to a chiropractor, i was ify at first but it really did help...only thing that helped for me.good luck!

Jana - posted on 03/21/2009




Check with your doctor-it sounds like exactly what we went through with colic (she threw up after using gripe) and ours suggested acid reflux.  We recently found Little Tummys gas relief drops and they help too

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I have heard of how to reverse days and nights and it is something u need to speak with and doéhave done with a pediatrician, I was told that carefully flipping a baby over - done by dr. only can reverse there sleeping patterns, I have not done this to either of my 2 as they both slept well thru the night. It is something u should talk to with ur doctor.

Emma - posted on 03/21/2009




firstly, i can definately relate to you, having had 2 colicy babies. i warm up the colic relief drops so they are approx same temp as breastmilk, i used infacol, it was excellent and the pharmacist told me its the oldest brand on the market, so its been round for over 50yrs, it definately made its mark.

another great option was investing in a sling. i have the ring sling and they are proven to be effective with colic babies as you wear them in an upright position, another bonus is, it has even been classed as tummy time, so lots of advantages.  but yea, if you can get hold of a ring sling it would be worth while, they sleep so well in them 2.

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