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Paige - posted on 11/08/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi Moms! I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. I have been feeling lately like I may have some degree of PPD but it's almost like I feel embarassed to even begin to bring it up with a doctor. I don't have any thoughts of harming myself or my daughter but feel very overwhelmed and have been having migrains, panick attacks and a little cry here and there. I have a 21 month old toddler and a 5 week old baby. I go for my 6 week check up on thursday and think I should probably relay this to my OB but I'm not sure how to bring it up. I feel horrible for getting so frustrated and overwhelmed and that seems to make it worse. I know my OB won't see me as a terrible person or mother for feeling this way but I see myself that way sometimes. How should I bring this up with him?


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Paige - posted on 11/09/2009




Thank you for your answers! I will definatly bring it up with the doctor on thursday. It's probably got something to do with having 2 girls under 2 years old haha very overwhelming at times.

Alisha - posted on 11/09/2009




I feel like that too sometimes esp when i first had my lil boy!! I was so overwhelmed with everybody coming over and i guess i was jealous even though i was so excited to share him apart of me wasnt. Then there was the crying all the time and thats enough to drive anybody crazy!! I would cry too b/c nothing would work but he is finally doing better and i think its ok to cry every now and then but if you feel like you are really down then aboslutley tell you ob you should feel happy with your lil one!! good luck

Michelle - posted on 11/09/2009




Hi Paige...I suffered with Post natal depression up until my daughter was 18 months old (shes 21 months now) and all because I didnt want to tell anyone. My partner new but he couldnt make me tell anyone esle. I was too embarrassed and thought they may take my little girl off me. Well I finally after having the worst few weeks of my life decided to get it over with. I went to the Doc and he said 'what have you come for today' and i just said 'I think I have post natal depression'. And you know what he said ' dont worry, my wife had that with our last child (he showed me a pic of her) and then he said 'i want you to go away and write whatever you feel like, down on a pice of paper.' He told me to say how it affected 5 parts of my life : being....relationship with partner, sex life, social life, work life and how i feel about myself.

So I did that and handed it to him in an envelop like he asked. Within a week I was given a appointment with a nurse psychiatrist who let me talk and talk about everything i possibly had to say about life etc...so I did for an hour and after that hour I felt amazing! someone had finally been able to listen and understand everythin I had gone through. He gave me talks to do such as contacting the hospital with regards to my daughter's horribble care and some other things...and give me a follow up app. By then (which was 3 months ago) I didnt need any care and I feel great! I was also diagnosed with a reactional disorder as i kept getting anxiety attacks like your self, I was always so worried about anything and thought the worst about everythig....

Dont worry Paige...Go and see your Doc, or even your nurse and just blurt it out, and if you dont want to say it, write it and give it to them...evrything will be ok, but you have to talk to someone! xxxxx

Anna - posted on 11/08/2009




Hi Paige. It's a really common thing. It is just your hormones going crazy - it's not your fault at all. It would be best to just tell your doc - he probably hears it every day, you know, so it won't be any surprise to him. It is so much better to deal with it early on because otherwise it just gets worse and you get afraid to leave the house in case of having a panic attack so the anxiety just feeds itself.
Also, don't be afraid to ask for more help from your partner or family and friends. It's tough looking after little ones but it is much easier if you can get a little time to yourself to do something you enjoy or just to have a nap.

Candice - posted on 11/08/2009




just tell them flat out "i'm not feeling right! i think i have post partum depression or anxiety". you'd be SHOCKED to find out how common it is. you are hardly the first to tell them that. And think of it this way...tell them now and you may not get worse...tell them later and you may be so deep into it you can't function...or it turns into post partum psychosis and you DO start having bad thoughts about yourself or your child.

I was at risk for it, because i had a history of depression. i was surprised to find out i had more anxiety symptoms than depression symptoms. The lack of sleep with a newborn, the stress of being responsible for a life, trying to keep everything together, it's all hard! you have NOTHING to be ashamed of...not to mention the fact that some of it is hormonal and chemical! you have NO control over that!!!

My doc told me when i went in that a doctor friend of hers came in talking about how she was feeling after the birth of her child. Even the doctor didn't see that it was PPD...she treats patients with it all the time, but couldn't admit it to herself. you are a step ahead if you realize you don't feel right. Don't be ashamed...think of it as taking care of yourself so you can take care of your new baby the way you need to. Get help, and start feeling better, so you can enjoy your new little bundle. :)

Nikki - posted on 11/08/2009




Have ur bf/husband go with u to ur appointment so ur not too embarrassed. They hear it all the time so its no big deal to them for their patient to question it. if u dont bring it up u might feel worse about it after u leave knowing u couldve gotten some help. I never went through it but they might be able to prescribe u some medication.

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