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Ashley - posted on 11/29/2009




I have lost almost 100 lbs and what works for me is taking my 3 big meals and breaking them up. I have 6-8 small meals a day. Basically I nibble on whatever I want all day. If you ever watch biggest loser I watched an episode about a year ago that I believe it was Jullian, said the best way to loose weight is to eat. I was at 298 before I started loosing weight right now I'm at 186 and my goal weight is 150. The first 30 lbs I lost was in two months. I could tell a difference in my energy level right away. I still eat junk food and I still drink soda. I just also drink twice as much water as I did and I add fruit juices. 100% fruit juice, not the from concentrate. My boyfriend gets frustrated at me sometimes becuase I'm always munching on something but it keeps the weight off. When I start feeling hungry before I know its time to eat one of my meals, I get a bottle of water and one of those Crystal Light drink mixes and it seems to help knock off the hunger craving. I wait 10 minuets after drinking my water mix, if I'm still hungry then I eat a granola bar or something that I have with me.

If anyone would like more information or any help, just message me. I will be more than happy to help anyone out.

I am 20 years old and about 40 lbs from my goal weight. The doctor says with my height I am already in my healthy range.

Like I said, anyone who would like to learn more about what helps me, or different recipies that I keep handy, just message.

Gail - posted on 11/29/2009




Everything in moderation.... so you can have that odd chocolate bar..

But make sure you have a balanced diet to include fruit (tinned is fine) and veg (fresh or frozen) and most importants EXERCISE, got for a daily walk with the buggy which will not only benefit yourself but your baby to.

Dont stress to much, most of us have post pregnant jelly belly's (first wobbly belly ive had lol) but this will go in time, but what ever you do DONT skip meals as this has the oposite effect and your body thinks its starving so everytime you eat will hold on to the fat.

Eat regualary, especially breakfast most important meal of the day and enjoy your little one.. Good luck..

[deleted account]

The best thing that has worked for me is that I dish my food out on a smaller plate instead of a dinner plate. Anyway you somewhat trick your body this way into thinking your eating a full meal but it's a smaller portion size. If I'm hungry in between meals, I have a glass of water or a low fat yogurt. But I combine that with exercise. You don't have to kill yourself everyday but you should do something for at least 30 mins everyday. With all of the above I've lost most of my baby weight, I have 10 lbs to go :)

Jackie - posted on 11/26/2009




Traci has it right the best diet is nursing!

That being said clearly you aren't nursing or you wouldn't be asking about dieting. NO diet works ever!! That being said you need to look into healthy life style changes. Exercising more and eating healthy foods. If it doesn't take you longer then 20 minutes to cook it.. then its not healthy for you. If it comes from a box and requires you to add ingredients.. not health for you. If a resturant cooked it for you and it took them less then 20 minutes to make it... not healthy for you. If there are ingredients in it that you can't pronounce or you have to google it to know what it really is.. not healthy for you.

Going from your picture you definantly do not look like you need to loose weight. I am assuming its the baby flab you want to deal with. No diet is going to help this. Only exercise to tighten those muscles again and time will help. Try walking for an hour a day and don't stroll. Work up your heart beat and pay attention to your posture.

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