difficult feeding in the evenings

Melissa - posted on 11/06/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 6 week old baby will drink her 4 ozs. of formula during the night, morning and afternoon and stop until the next feeding (about 4 hours later), but she doesn't continue the pattern in the evening. From about 5pm until 10pm there isn't pattern at all. My husband and I take turns feeding her. She starts out drinking about 3ozs., then stops for awhile, then she wants another 2 ozs. and it goes on and on. We feed different amounts with many short breaks. Sometimes she dozes off while drinking. We try to wake her and she sleeps until we lay her down and then she wakes up wanting more. At other times she drinks for awhile and then gets fussy we try burping her and maybe she'll drink a little more or maybe not. Other times she drinks a little and is wide awake wanting to look around and wanting to be held then she drinks some more and then stops again. She probably drinks a total of 8 ozs. in a five hour time span taking in small amounts (1-2ozs)at a time. This tendency to extend her feeding time out like this makes our evenings long when we spend all that time feeding her, or trying to find out why she's fussy or thinking "she's done -she's sleeping". Is there any reason why she won't just drink up 4 or 5 ozs. and stop until the next feeding time? How can I break her of this evening habit?


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Sharon - posted on 11/11/2009




Lots of babies cluster feed at night. Make sure she's getting enough sleep thru the day, becausae being overtired would explain all this.....

Tiffanie - posted on 11/06/2009




The problem might be that she is making a habit out of it and thinks 'I am awake that means I eat'. Try letting her play a little bit or play with her to see if she is really hungry. Then maybe she will eat more. Whatever you do don't give her cereal yet her tummy cant handle it. Some people may say to do that.

Venessa - posted on 11/06/2009




newborns stomachs are tiny and for some its just to much to take at once. as for the feeding pattern my son did the same. we just fed him when he seemed hungry and let him have as much or little he pleased he used to sleep a lot during the day and hardly ever at night. he is now 3 months and hes set himself into his own routine. he sleeps from 10pm-8am and has 7oz feed every 4 1/2 hours. doesnt mean it will work for everyone but thats what we did. good luck

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