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Tasha - posted on 08/28/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My seven month old daughter is the most distracted eater EVER!!! I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of....... I bought bright colored spoons, make silly faces....... ANYTHING to get her to look at me when I am feeding her, and NOTHING has worked!! She always looks away and wants to play with the dog when I am trying to feed her, and I get soo FRUSTERATED!!!!! My hubby told me to not feed her until she looks at me, but I dont have all day to wait for that!! :P Any suggestions????


Candice - posted on 08/28/2009




my only suggestion is to have patience. there will be a million moments in your baby's life that she will take FOREVER to do something (just wait till she wants to walk somewhere! i've never walked so slow in my life!).

my daughter was the same way (IS the same way) with eating. she's what my doctor calls "a grazer"...she wanders around taking one bite here, one bite there. good luck getting her to eat in a sitting position for very long.

try getting rid of any distractions in the room (no tv, no dog)...and be patient. try not feeding her when you're rushed. i planned to take at least 30 minutes for a feeding at that stage. i would eat my dinner and whenever she looked at me i would give her some food. or i'd master the art of feeding her from the side of her turned head. lol

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