does having the coil took out hurt?


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Isabela - posted on 08/29/2009




Ah you're talking about the contraceptive "coil" makes better sense. It depends on your tolerance of pain. Usually they use a local anesthetic to prevent any pain when doing so. My friend said she felt a pinch and it was out.... she told me that getting her baby check up of how open the cervix was, was a lot more painful so do whats best for you either way it's going to be taken out anyhow... if you really think about it. I hope this helps..... Just called her and she said the same thing. She said not to worry and to try not to get tense, makes it all the easier. Over here the "coil" is more often known as the T shaped contreceptive implant or just the "implant" lol. So I just needed you to clarify what exactly you had meant. Anyhow good luck with everything. =)

Kimberley - posted on 08/29/2009




ooh i dont know i didnt realise there was more than one lol, its t shaped if that helps =/

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