doesnt stay on her own

Shaheen - posted on 09/05/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




my daughter is 4 mnths old n she doesnt like to stay by her self she always want some1 to be with her.even if you leave for 5 seconds she makes a fit.i try to get her out of that habit but shes not .


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Candice - posted on 09/06/2009




at 4 months babies have no cognitive understanding that when you leave, you haven't completely disappeared. it's TERRIFYING i would imagine to think mom VANISHED and have no idea why or for how long (no sense of time at that age either). Like the other moms will pass soon enough, and you will end up like me...where i go to sit and play with my daughter and she barely notices i'm even there :(

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you should also always tell the little tyke that you will be back. play peek-a-boo from around the corner until the baby becomes distracted. that way they will learn that you don't disappear forever.

Amy - posted on 09/05/2009




My little man is going through the same thing right now. there are days i can barely brush my teeth. It is ok to let her cry for a bit while you shower or whatever it is you need to do. you want her to need you but at the same time you do not want her to be so attached that you can't put her down b/c then it will be a year and you are still in the same routine. but she needs to know that you will be there if she needs you and that is why you should pick her up when she cries but at this stage it is ok to let her cry for a few mins. as long as she is not on the floor by herself and is up somewhere strapped in or in a bouncy seat or something she will be ok. put on music or the tv and some toys. it will get better and if you feel like you are losing your mind do not feel like you are alone it happens to all moms. go outside..scream into a pillow or count to 10. Just make sure you take a min for yourself to get your sanity back. i hope this helps and good luck

Michelle - posted on 09/05/2009




She's still little yet. My daughter is 8 months and she does the same thing. Often, she just thinks I'll pick her up ASAP! She has learned that I will be right back and is quickly calm. So your little one will grow out of it! Just remember you will miss this stuff as she gets bigger!! Good luck!

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remember she's only a baby once, you will miss this time later. if you need to get away from the baby for a minute--i understand sometimes going to the bathroom or making yourself lunch it's necessary--try a baby einstein video the baby beethoven is one of our favorites. the babies are fascinated by it. borrow it from the library or buy it. watch it with your baby a few times in short intervals of about 10 minutes each time--they can't watch it all the way especially in the first viewing. don't just turn it on and leave. the baby will start to think that you are punishing her. also, babies like predictability so let your baby watch the same video for about a month. i have the beethoven and i borrow from the library a different one every month. my baby starts to talk to the puppets--so cute, he doesn't talk yet! they are very calming and they are geared to the babies age. good luck.

Jackie - posted on 09/05/2009




Its not a habit. She spent 9 months with you 24/7 and her only instinct is to survive. What better way to do that then to stick close to your mother. This is normal and don't rush for her to grow up and get a job. Pretty soon she will be crawling and walking and playing and won't have time for you; then you will regret trying to make your baby indepentant of you and miss when she needed you more.

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