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Arrynne - posted on 07/16/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




my daughter is nearly 3 months old. I went to a boxing class last night that DH is in and talked to the coach about joining, I was told he would not let me sign up until 6 months post partum. Supposibily excercising before the 6 month mark can cause the area where the placenta was attached to bleed and delay it's healing. I was also told I would lose my milk and would not be able to breastfeed anymore. Anyone have any insight on this? I really want to start working out.. I am tired of feeling like a mammoth


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Sheri - posted on 07/17/2009




I did not excercise at all throughout my pregnancy. I joined the gym when my baby was 2 weeks old and started doing dance aerobics. They told me not to bounce and to keep it low-impact until I built up to more. It took me about two weeks to work up to doing the whole class 3 times a week. When my baby was 6 weeks old I added a weight-training class twice a week and they told me to keep my weights extrememly light until my baby was 10 -12 weeks old. She is just turning 2 months now and I've lost all of my baby weight plus 10 lbs. and I feel great! My doctor and my trainer both told me to just go easy and slowly work into it and I would be fine.

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my ob told me to start working out once I felt up to it-which started with walking (ok limping) the first week -because it helps the recovery-and if done early helps purge the hormones etc-she said low impact til I was up for more-I walked and worked out the whole pregnancy, so it may be my fit level-but definately start with low impact-and talk to your doctor-the coach doesn't know your history -

Laura - posted on 07/17/2009




Try working your way into a high impact excercise. You can also try to find a baby group where they do yoga and small things that include your baby while excercising.

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Hi Arrynne, I completely empathize with "feeling like a mammoth". However, 3 months post-partum is still too early to begin high impact activity in my opinion. Having said that, (I don't know what your exercise regime was before pregnancy) my friend who is very very fit (she walked 4 km on a 10-15% slope easily in her 42nd week- she delivered the next day) took spin classes by the 6 week mark. I tried running at 3 months, but found that my breasts were too full of milk even if I had just fed the baby and pumped afterwords- the bouncing was quite uncomfortable. So I switched to low impact stuff- its not as fulfilling, but for me it was better than nothing. I did not loose my milk when I started exercising neither did any of my friends who were breastfeeding. Feed the baby before you exercise just to be on the safe side- I have heard that milk feels a little different to them otherwise and could cause gas.


ps How about swimming?

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