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Heather - posted on 11/06/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




Four month old HATES for me to clip his nails. He pulls away and wiggles the whole time. They are so stinking small, as you all know, I'm just sure he's going to pull away and I'm going to nip too much one of these days. I can't just hod his hand still in mine either I'm afraid he'll pull so hard he'll pop his wrist out or something. I was told to get him while he sleeps but after one nail he wakes up and you guessed it he's a wiggle butt again. Any suggestions short of sticking mittens on him and having him do it himself when he's 16 I'm at a loss.


Kelly - posted on 11/06/2009




My son would let me when he was littler, but now i have to make it interesting for him.....i just put him in my lap and say "are you ready....just watch...clip" and he will usually sit long enough for me to get at least one hand done....then a few hours later i go for the other hand.....good might also want to try to do it when he is drinking his bottle...i did that a few times...hope i helped...


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My son was like this for a while, but I kept at it, I would do it just before bed time (if he wasn't fussy) so he was tired, and still (well stiller then otherwise). He soon learned that I would win, and do it even if he complained. Now he lies pretty still and lets me get it done, he is 11 months old now.

Samantha - posted on 11/18/2009




a nail file is a very good thing to use but I have always bitten them, because on little kids it is very hard to cut the FINGER nails too short when you bite them because they are so tiny and you only have to bite the nail one time and the nail is off. that's just me though because he pulled away one time and the fingernail clippers scratch his leg. now for the toes, be more careful if you are going to bite them because ingrown toenails can happen with babies too!

Heather - posted on 11/18/2009




thanks everyone for the advice - nail file and scissors are working the best -- distracting him works too

Lisa - posted on 11/13/2009




have you tried biting them? I know, it's a bad habit and they are so small, but if you can't clip them, and you don't want to put mittens on his hands that might be your only choice. i hope you can find a good way! :)

Becca - posted on 11/13/2009




lol i just bite my daughters off cuz she did the same thing and I wasnt willing to risk it

Lynlee - posted on 11/08/2009




Clippers are the worst for cutting fingernails! We used a small pair of nail scissors and it is much easier. You can see what is going on too, unlike a clipper. I cut our son's nails after bath when they are softer and get my husband to distract him with a song.

Jennifer - posted on 11/07/2009




Forsure, i know what ya mean. Use a nail file! Other wise another option is to, put vasolin on his hands, and put some mittens on him, and wait. It'll make his long nails a little more thiner, so it'll be easy to just do it your self!
When i feed my son, is when i clip his!
Good luck!

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