First plane flight advice needed??

Amy - posted on 10/22/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am taking my baby boy on a plane in 4 weeks time he will be 17 weeks by then, just want some advice on how he will bw or what I can do to help. Stories of peoples experiances welcome.


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Sarah - posted on 10/22/2009




Flying with a baby can be very simple if you are prepared. My father is a commercial airline pilot and I grew up flying everywhere all the time! But, flying with my 5 month old for the first time posed new challenges! :) First of all make sure you are aware of all of TSA's new regulations for carry on bags. They require all liquids to be in containers 3 oz. or less and all those containers must fit in one quart sized plastic baggie that closes at the top (no open sandwich bags.). The exception to this is baby formula or expressed breastmilk. You are allowed to carry these on in the amounts needed. If you use powder formula it must be premixed with the water before you go through security, otherwise you must obtain the water on the other side of the checkpoint. Baby food is considered a liquid because it is pureed but this is also allowed through the check point. If you are flying out of a large international airport they will have equipment they use to test your formula, breastmilk, and baby food for explosive residue. If you are flying out of a smaller airport the will ask to search a member of your party. This is routine so don't resist it. The only other security piece of advice I have for you is don't try to ask them to hold your child. they are not allowed to. Once through security, it's a piece of cake! Most airlines have pre-boarding options for people traveling with small children and I recommend you take advantage of it! Like the others have said, it is good to provide a bottle or pacifier for take off and landing to keep their ears clear. My son also slept through most of the actual flight so it was fairly easy once we got in the air. Take advantage of the options offered to you and the flight crew is normally very helpful and understanding of passengers with babies. Hope you have a good experience!!!

Ann - posted on 10/22/2009




My husband and I took our son on a plane when he was a couple months old. We gave him his pacifier the whole time and I nursed him on take off and landing so his ears wouldn't hurt. Two days after the flight he got a double ear infection, I have no idea what it was from, it might have ntohing to do with the flight, either way watch the ears after the flight. It freaked me out a little. Again I have no idea if that had anthing to do with it. Just an FYI He slept most of the time too, that was a big help =)

Shana - posted on 10/22/2009




We took our three month old on a 12 hour flight. She slept most of the time. I made sure to have a bottle for her at take off and landing (or a pacifier, if it's not eating time). Make sure to bring extra diapers and a change of clothes. Make sure that you have a blanket or changing pad to put down when you change his diaper. Most planes now have a handicapped bathroom with a changing table that pulls out over the toilet seat. Hope this helps.

Tarah - posted on 10/22/2009




I took my son on a plane when he wasjust 12 weeks old. for the first time. everyone was amazed because he didnt cry or throw a fit at all the whole time. He slept most of the flight. I was lucky to be with my sister and so she sat on one side and I sat in the other. My son Colten slept in an empty chair in the middle of us since the flight wasnt full. We didnt pay for himto have a seat it just worked for us.

I found out that as long as he was drinking his bottle and swallowing his ears were fine. the same for when we were landing. The flight Crew was very nice and helped with keeping his bottle warm for us too. we also had toys for him to play with but he really just sat there and looked around at everyone and talked.( well for a 3 month old talked i should say)

I hope this helps but the true trick is to just keep your son moving his jaw and that will help his ears. make it a game for him that might help to

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