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I my experience babies usually go to sleep in cars as long as they've a dry nappy and a full tummy. Advice depends on age really. At certain ages finger foods might be a good idea, or toys or music. You should definately make sure you've got nappy changing stuff close at hand and a drink and food, and plan for a few rest stops to feed/change baby. Other than that I can't think of anything specific.


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when i travel with my lil girl from pa to nc i always have bottles made up and food handy. also a portable dvd player sometimes helps relieve bordom. i always give her tylonal on long trips to keep her comfortable because its stressful on kids and they get aches and pains like we do when we travel. i also have a podee feeding system which i like a straw system that is like dr. brown bottles only has another straw that goes from the top of the bottle like 8 inches and connects to the nipple. that is handy for keeping them comfortable in a carseat when eating a bottle. hope some of this helps. oh and don't forget favorite toys to rotate

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Thanks. I appreciate it. Desmond is a vivacious, but very well behaved 10 month old. I'm a little anxious and wanted to make sure that I am prepared. My husband says I over think stuff, I call it being thorough, it has served me well.

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We're driving to Colorado from Vegas and I want to make sure I've got my bases covered. Do you have any tips or experience to share? Any "I wish I would've thought of that, it would've made this trip easier" type of stuff?

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