formula first or solids?

Tracy - posted on 01/05/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Should I be giving my 4 month old solid food then formula or formula first then solid foods? cuz I am doing both right now. Or should the solids be one meal without the formula?


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Lise - posted on 01/05/2010




I would give him formula first. I've read and heard that until a year, solids are really more for practice than actual nutrients - they have a LOT more empty calories than breast milk or formula. So if you give him/her formula first, you know that the needed nutrients are there.

Lyssa - posted on 01/05/2010




I personally give the solids first giving drinks in between to help wash it down and once he's done with the food i give him the bottle. I give him juice with his meals though and breastfeed in between meals. The doc told me to start him on juice at 4 months to help him have bowel movements. But I would recommend solids first that way she can have drinks of formula in between bites to help wash it down. and then she can drink what she wants of the formula afterwards.

Crystal - posted on 01/05/2010




When starting my little one out on cereal and baby food, when she was hungry I started with the cereal or baby food. When she got frustrated with trying to eat that, I would finish up with a bottle or just use it to help her "wash down" the solids.

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